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  • Hot Summer Sidelines: Ideas for Secondary Income Sources

    Need to earn some extra cash for your out-of-town trip? Check out these 5 ways to racket your way through the summer months.

    by SmartParenting Staff .
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    By Sara Samonte


    As summer settles in, temperatures rise and the heat becomes unbearable. Also on the rise are your expenses: electricity bills, as you tend to turn the air conditioner on more often; commuting budgets, as the heat may make you lazy to take public transportation; water bills, as you take more showers to wash away the effects of sticky humidity; and more. Then of course, there’s the mandatory out-of-town trip!


    But where can you get the extra cash to fund that much-awaited getaway, on top of the excess spending that comes as part and parcel of summer? It may be too stressful to get a second job, and besides, companies won’t be inclined to hire short-term employees who just want to earn an extra few thousand or so. But you definitely don’t want to pass up on a beach outing with the girls or a trip to Baguio to cool off with your family.


    If you’re in this predicament, here are five sidelines you might want to try:




    Direct selling is a good sideline all throughout the year. Minimal start-up capital is needed, and you can do this in your spare time, how little there may be of it. All you have to do to be a reseller is to contact the direct selling company or a dealer and submit their requirements, such as a proof of billing. When your application gets processed and approved, you can start selling away. Also, these companies provide free seminars about the products and how to market them; a little bit of training will definitely go a long way in helping you make sales.

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    A different season doesn’t only mean a change in climate, but also a new set of trends fashion-wise. Browse through the pages of your favorite magazine and test your eye for predicting upcoming fads that you can use to determine your buy-and-sell inventory. If all else fails, go for safe choices such as swimsuits, sheer cover-ups, and cotton tops.    

    Do your research and look for suppliers who sell high quality items at the lowest possible price then sell at bazaars or tiangges. It is important that you choose the best bazaars for your product and one where your market matches the targeted audience of the organizers. Make sure the event is well-advertised and has an easily accessible venue. Selling online is also an option: check out this Entrepreneur article on how to create your shop on Multiply.


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