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  • How to Map Out your Family's Mission Statement

    Family and home life can be more meaningful when you make your own family vision. Here’s how to use that to make your family mission statement.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
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    Based on the website www.FamiliesWithPurpose.com, “a family mission statement is a written statement of what you want your life and family to be and the values by which you will live your life.” Your family mission statement should ideally ask and answer questions such as: “How will we (or should we) live our lives? What values will help us make major decisions? What are our top priorities in life? What are our family values? Do we spend most of our time on our priorities or are we “wasting time” with things that aren’t important to us?”

    Creating your family mission statement
    Before you make your mission statement, it is ideal that you create a family vision statement or drawing first.

    Once you have your completed family vision drawing, start identifying themes based on the different elements of happiness, fulfilment, and aspirations portrayed in your drawing. You can then use the themes to write your family mission statement and family goals.

    Having a mission statement and goals will give you reasons to make the needed changes in your family life, and perhaps, even your individual personal lives as well. (This applies especially to the “head of the family” i.e. Daddy, and his “helpmate and partner,” Mommy).

    Families with tweens, teens or working-aged children should include the children’s thoughts and opinions in the mission statement. If you have younger kids though, it may be better for the parents to try writing the mission statement first. Once you’re done, you can then share it with the other family members so they can give their inputs. Everyone should agree on all the aspects of the statement. Also, be open to making changes as needed.


    Here’s an example of how to write a family mission statement in a “three-pronged format”:
    1.    To…. (Do something)
    2.    In such a way that….. (How and in which manner)
    3.    So that…. (We gain these results or benefits)

    A concrete example would be:
    To realize our dreams, goals, and aspirations as a family and as individuals in a way that stretches our intellect, enriches our Christian faith, strengthens our character, and enriches our family life so that we are fulfilled, happy, confident, and we can grow close.

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