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The Truth about Santa Claus: How We Told Our Kids, How We Found Out
  • I remember my cousin destroying the fairytale for me, telling me that Santa doesn’t exist. It felt like something I was so sure of suddenly went crumbling all around me.

    At first, I challenged him, angry that he would say such a thing. But eventually, I found clues (Santa’s handwriting looked like my mom’s!) and I also wondered why the elves didn’t make the gifts and why they were the same ones that could be bought at the toy store. Well, my mom eventually told me the truth, adding that St. Nick was a real person once upon a time and had tasked all parents to continue his good work after he had died. Good enough for me. Check out other stories of Santa’s unveiling!

    "When my kids asked, I responded with the question, “Do you really want to know?” Usually they were old enough to be ready, so I told them. My youngest, who was pretty precocious, said she was ready, and when she found out, years later was upset that I told her so young. But then, what can I expect from a child who reads the endings of books before she decides if she wants to read it? My recommendation is to wait until they are at least six." - Jan


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    "I caught them. First, there were telltale signs, especially since the penmanship was so distinctly my dad's and later, an aunt's. And then (because I like snooping in boxes and cabinets) I found a pair of cutie fountain pens in a container. Played with it some, put it back, came running to my mom with, 'Ma, kanino yung pens sa taas?' And my bro and I had just asked 'Santa' for those, so buking." - Gette

    "I was with my parents Christmas shopping, then my mom forgot that I was behind them because she suddenly blurted out, "Ay, Daddy, yung pang-Santa nga pala!" But I had my suspicions early on so it was more of a confirmation for me. After that, they turned me into their elf so I would fish for what my younger siblings wanted for Christmas. - Ingrid

    I sat my daughter down to tell her the truth. Happened in July this year, right before she turned eight and immediately after her tooth fairy (named Feather Ice Glitter) gave her a letter and money in exchange for her tooth. My husband I are still suffering the consequences to this day! She grumbles lovingly now every time we bring up Santa Claus." - Patricia

    "I sat my son down after his seventh Christmas about me being Santa, why there was a Santa, and made him promise not to tell his younger cousins." - Gemma


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    "Santa almost got busted in my daughter’s classroom (of all places), when she and her friend who believed in Santa were arguing with a couple of their classmates who were telling them there was no Santa. So to settle the issue, they decided to ask their class adviser/teacher if there was a Santa. To my relief, their teacher was a wise teacher and her answer to their class was that they should just believe whatever it is that their parents tell them. So that was that and now hopefully my daughter will continue to get gifts from Santa in the next two years, after which I will tell her that that is the maximum age cut-off for gifts from Santa." - Rica

    "I think our eldest figured it out on her own and is now either willing it to not be true, or is avoiding having the discussion with us in order to preserve the mystery." - Simon

    "My two older boys figured it out, one of them even asked me bluntly if I was Santa. Thankfully they still keep up appearances for their younger sister and cousins. They're still writing their letters this year." - Jennie

    "With my younger one, Santa would typically give his gift via scavenger hunt with a card leading to clues leading to more clues and finally the gift. We called it "Santa Clues". When we felt that he was mature enough to understand the ruse (and we were reasonable enough to understand we could no longer afford two gifts), we did the traditional scavenger hunt, with the last clue urging him to finally meet Santa outside the front door. And when he did open the door, there we were with his final gift from Santa. He was stunned for a bit not knowing what to make of it. We gave him a big hug, and after telling him how much we love him, we explained the ‘set-up’ as best we could. And he was cool with it! We all always look back fondly at the Scavenger Hunts and the grand reveal." - Miguel

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    "I usually keep Santa’s gift hidden in my closet, but one day, my daughter said, “Mom, there’s an awesome gift in your closet. Who is it for?” That was the end of that. My younger daughter found out when she was three because Santa and Mommy had the same handwriting! They both found out earlier than I expected them to. Lesson learned: Never underestimate their young minds!" - Maan

    "We used to stay up late to catch Santa. We also used to study the handwriting on the cards to see if they were similar to our parents’. Santa would leave a huge red sack of presents by our balcony. But one time, the gift wrapper was the same as my lola’s wrapper. When we asked them about it, my parents denied it and gave random answers. Then one year, Santa stopped coming." - Corinne    

    "Classmates are always the culprit as far as unmasking Santa is concerned. None of our four kids came up to us and declared that they "know" but one day, I asked my eldest two what they thought of Santa. They were very tentative and reluctantly said they think it is us because of the wrapper, writing on the card, our relentless nagging for the Santa letter, etc. So I asked them what they believed and I said, “Santa is real only if you believe. The day you stop believing, Santa ceases to come.” To their credit, they never burst the fantasy bubble of the two younger ones. It was only about two years ago when my youngest was 12 that we talked about it again. All four of them together. The two younger ones said they had known a long while back but just did not say anything because Santa never stopped coming. Today, gifts from Santa are signed from Mama and Papa. It was good while it lasted." - Pia

    Every year, Santa would come and give us presents, but I noticed that my cousins never got gifts from Santa. When I asked why that was, my cousins said they never did and they also wondered why we got gifts and they didn’t. Our parents had to come clean or else my cousins would think Santa didn’t love them and he just loved us. - Tara

    My son asked this year if Santa is real and I told him Santa lives in all of us, within the hearts of people who give without expecting anything in return. I’m not going to break it to him any time soon. - Kathy  

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