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  • Isabelle Daza Shows Son How Handwashing Can Beat COVID-19 Via This Simple Experiment

    She said it's “a great way to show children the importance of washing our hands.”
    by Rachel Perez . Published Mar 16, 2020
  • The best defense against the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or any infection is frequent and proper handwashing. And it is crucial to educate kids on its importance, whether there is a pandemic or not.

    Celebrity mom Isabelle Daza, who was also a former preschool teacher, shared a video how she is teaching son Baltie about handwashing. The experiment involved pepper and soap.

    “When I saw this video done by a teacher, I immediately thought I wanted to do the experiment IRL (in real life),” the mom of one wrote on Instagram.

    Andi Manzano with daughter Olivia did the same experiment.

    “A simple way of teaching your kids about the virus and the importance of washing your hands,” Andi wrote on Instagram. She encouraged parents to try it with their kids at home.

    The experiment had also been shared by Hollywood stars and parents Kristen Bell (Frozen) and Justin Baldoni (Jane The Virgin).

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    How the pepper-soap experiment works

    The pepper-soap video was first shared online by Amanda Lorenzo, 23, a pre-kindergarten teacher in the U.S. five days ago. She stumbled upon it and decided to replicate it because it was “super simple” and “to show the importance of washing your hands,” Lorenzo told Today.

    To do the experiment, you’ll need three things: pepper, water, and soap. Prepare two bowls of water, one sprinkled with pepper and the other with mixed with soap.

    First, instruct your child to dip his finger in the water sprinkled with pepper, which stands for the virus. Point out how his finger caught some bits of pepper. Then, direct your child to dip his finger in soap water first before dipping it in pepper-filled water.

    The effect is instant: the bits of pepper will move away from his finger. And that is how handwashing kills germs and viruses.

    watch now

    “I wish you all could’ve seen how truly shocked they were that the ‘virus’ (pepper) moves away from the soap! So much fun and very informative!” Lorenzo wrote on her original post, which now has 399,086 views and still counting.

    Remind the kids of proper handwashing etiquette. Wash with soap for 20 seconds. Rub in between fingers, the back of the hand, wrists, and even scrubbing the nails. It must be done after using the toilet, before eating, after touching an animal, after coughing or blowing the nose, or playing outside.


    “The rest of the day — after everything obviously, after going to the bathroom, after we came back from lunch, before going to lunch, after going to the playground — they were like, ‘We need to wash our hands!’ It was a constant thing for the rest of the day,” Lorenzo shared.

    Click here for another experiment that shows the effects of hand-washing, this time using bread.

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