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  • It's Okay, Mom: 5 Things to Tell Yourself When You Feel Mom Guilt

    You have to trust your own parenting choices.
  • Mom guilt is a struggle you face from the day your little one comes out into the world and you're faced with such a huge responsibility to get everything right. One thing to remember when this guilt feeling strikes you is that you are not alone! Single moms, first-time moms, young and old moms—they all go through it! So go ahead and let yourself feel it, too. After all, having mom guilt is a good sign because that simply shows you care for your kids. Here are five mommy guilt mantras to help you keep things in perspective:

    I am teaching my child valuable lessons

    If you've had to say no to a new toy or a third round of Love You Forever before bedtime, stop before you are guilt-tripped into doing it. Remember that these are opportunities for your child to learn about patience. Or when you forego ordering pizza and prepare a homemade dinner instead, that's a chance to teach your child about eating healthy, right?

    I cherish the moments I have with my child

    Unable to breastfeed for some reason? Or tied up at work the past week because of a major project? You may feel like you're missing out on your child's biggest milestones, but hey, aren't you a hundred percent "there" when you're at home with them? Cherish these moments because these are the ones that will help you get through the guilt.

    It’s only a problem if it’s a problem for you

    There are things you do differently, like feeding, co-sleeping, crying it out—but just because you don't do it by the book or majority of those in your moms Facebook group do it another way doesn't mean you are wrong. Go for a method or routine that works best for you and your baby, and if you're both content, then there really is no problem. 

    I deserve a break

    Yes, mommies, you do! Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. So go ahead and take that extra five minutes in the bathroom (even when you're done showering and just need a moment), a side trip to the shoe store before you bring home the groceries, or the 15-minute coffee run with your BFF next door.

    My love is always enough

    You already are a hero by virtue of the fact that someone calls you mom, mama, mommy, or nanay. The kind of love and service that you give your family is unmatched no matter how big or small the things you do for them. When your children feel down, you know just how to make things right: a tight hug, some reassuring words, and of course, a bowl of their favorite tinola lovingly made just for them. #TinolaMoNaLangYan!

    Get to know other moms who used to doubt themselves but ultimately discovered that their love for their children encompasses all. Watch the video below:



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