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  • Judy Ann on Her Growing Family: "The Joy of Being a Mother Overrules the Hardships"

    Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo's dream role is being a mom in real life. She shares the parenting tips that have worked for her.

    For all of Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo's achievements in her long and successful showbiz career, her crowning glory is remarkably simple: being mom to a brood of three. Here, she gives tips to help mommies manage their growing families:


    Let go of the worries

    As your family grows, so do your responsibilities. But as Judy Ann says, don't let such concerns get in the way of starting or expanding your family, because the fulfillment is worth it: "Syempre there's fear, because motherhood entails a lot of sacrifices. And you know what I found out? Ang saya maging mommy. The joy of being a mother overrules the hardships."


    Savor the experience

    As any parent will attest to, kids are magical creatures: tiny babies one moment, busy teens the next, and then off starting their own families before you know it. While being a mom is a lot of hard work, don't forget to savor the precious moments with your kids—these come around only once. Case in point: Judy Ann's panganay Yohan is about to become a teen. "Enjoy every moment," she advises fellow moms. "Spend it with your children because they'll grow up so fast, and you wouldn't want to miss any part of it."


    Keep improving yourself

    To be a mom is to be a role model. For Judy Ann, she wants to be an example to Yohan of being a lifelong learner. Learning shouldn't stop just because you're a mom. "Being a mother made me want to work on my personal development for my children," she says. "Naisip ko, hindi naman ako habambuhay magiging artista. So, [because of] my passion for cooking, I took up culinary arts." 


    Trust your instincts

    All moms wonder if they can juggle the various roles that motherhood demands. As Judy Ann has learned, however, there's one thing you have going for you—mother's instincts. She says, "I think being able to multitask with all your responsibilities is automatic when you become a mom.

    "Parang there's a switch in that turns on in women when they enter motherhood, because your instinct tells you that you need to be there for each and every need ng mga anak mo, asawa mo, at sa sarili mo."


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