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  • Lindsay Custodio Talks About Life As A Widow A Year After Her Husband's Death

    Lindsay's husband died unexpectedly of a heart attack on November 18, 2018.
    by Jocelyn Valle .
Lindsay Custodio Talks About Life As A Widow A Year After Her Husband's Death
PHOTO BY @lindsaycustodioplaton/Instagram
  • Lindsay Custodio is commemorating All Souls’ Day as a widow. Her husband, Julius Caesar Platon II, a former vice mayor of Tanuaun, Batangas, died of a heart attack on November 18, 2018, at the age of 43.

    Lindsay was 40 at that time, and they had been married for 18 years with two teenage children, Sean and Charisse (nicknamed Reese).

    The singer-actress, who put her career on hold after marrying Julius Caesar in 2000, told SmartParenting.com.ph in an email interview that coping with the untimely passing of her husband has been “very difficult.” But she and her children try their best to be strong for one another.

    “We pray together,” she said of Sean and Reese, now 18 and 13. “We pray for Julius’ soul. We have lifted everything up to the Lord. We know that no matter how painful it is losing Julius, it’s still the will of the Lord. We have to accept it and Trust our life in Him completely.”

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    As a single parent, Lindsay said that she gets her strength from God in taking care of her children. She’s also grateful for the support of her mother-in-law. “I completely rely on God’s divine providence,” she said. “I know that widows have a special place in our Lord’s heart. I trust that He will guide me in raising my children well, even if I’m alone now. I know that I can get through any trial in life as long as I have Him in my heart.”

    The young widow said her family’s experience made her realize that life is indeed short. She pointed out, “We must learn to live our life one day at a time. Take each opportunity we have to let our loved ones know how much we value, appreciate, and love them. Tell them as often as we can that we love them. Try our best to always be in the State of Grace.”

    The experience has brought Lindsay even closer to Sean and Reese. It helps that she had her kids in her 20s, so there’s not much generational gap. It’s easier to relate and understand them “para lang kayong magkakapatid.” Their bonding activities include trying out new restaurants as they love to eat. They also enjoy watching movies and Korean dramas.

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    Last September 20, she brought her daughter, Reese, along with her own mother, to the screening of the digitally restored and remastered copy of Ang TV: The Adarna Adventure. The 1996 movie was a spin-off of the youth-oriented TV show, Ang TV, which ran from 1992 to 1997. Lindsay joined Ang TV in 1992 after jumpstarting her showbiz career in another youth-oriented TV show, That’s Entertainment, a few years earlier.

    “I was very excited to see Ang TV The Movie after so many years!” she exclaimed. “I actually have forgotten most parts of the movie already. It felt like I was seeing it for the first time again. While watching the movie, I thought about how time flies. We were all just kids when we did the movie, now we’re with our own kids watching the movie! So amazing!”

    While watching the movie, Lindsay recalled Reese being so happy seeing “the young me,” and they were laughing together and having so much fun. Unfortunately, Sean had a class and was preparing for his midterm exams, so he wasn’t able to join his mother and sister.

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    “I always share my old clips with my kids,” she said. “Whenever they asked me about my time in showbiz, I would always share the fond memories I had with them. Showing them old videos and photos from before.”

    Lindsay’s other movies included Hataw Na, Kristo, Milyonaryong Mini, D’Sisters: Nuns of the Above, Desperado: Bahala na ang Itaas, Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin, and Eto Na Naman Ako. She also recorded two albums, My First and New Horizons. “I’ve always loved singing and performing on stage,” she said. “Yes, I’m hoping for more singing invitations.”

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