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  • Moms Would Know: These Little Big Wins Are Signs That You're Doing Motherhood Right

    These real moms agree that spotting your kids' little wins is one of the most reassuring moments that all is well.
Moms Would Know: These Little Big Wins Are Signs That You're Doing Motherhood Right
  • Being a parent often comes with constant worrying and second-guessing on making choices that benefit our children. Are we teaching them the right life lessons and skills? Should we guide them 24/7 or let them do things on their own?

    Working moms Jade Co and Kim Aquino had the same dilemma. But seeing their kids thriving in their own little ways made them rest easy and feel assured that they are doing motherhood just fine.

    Smart Parenting spoke with the two moms to find out the little things their kids do that feel like big wins for them, and how these made a huge impact on their growth and overall development.

    Being able to look after themselves

    Jade, a single mom of two, vividly remembers how her 3-year-old son Jayden has shown his first sign of independence a week after his third birthday.

    “My son removed his nappy and, surprisingly, went to the bathroom and peed into the toilet bowl. I’m glad that he was able to learn to pee by himself. Now, he doesn’t use diapers anymore,” she said.

    On the other hand, Kim began to notice how her 6-year-old daughter Zia has been cleaning up her toys after playing.

    “Zia makes sure na when I wake up, her toys are already inside the box. She knows how to clean up her mess without being told,” she said.

    Zia has also learned to prepare her own snacks when there’s no one to do it for her.

    “When she's hungry and everyone's busy, maririnig mo na lang sa kitchen na may tumutunog. Then makikita mo na lang na kumakain na siya ng sandwich or cereals,” Kim said.

    Practicing proper hygiene

    Jade shared that at his age, Jayden has already learned the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

    “He always changes his clothes when there’s a bit of dirt or a splash of water on it,” the mom said, adding, “If he sees a plastic [litter] somewhere, he will throw it [in the trash] immediately.”

    Her kids were also able to develop habits such as brushing their teeth in the morning and every after meals.

    Volunteering to do chores at home

    Kim considers learning to help with simple chores one of Zia’s little big wins.

    “Zia knows how to get a mop or any pamunas when something spilled on the table or floor,” the mom said, adding, “There are also times when Zia helps in cooking the dishes and in watering the plants every morning.”

    Likewise, Jade shared that her 8-year-old panganay Mikhaela loves to help in the kitchen, especially when they’re cooking their favorite food, tinola.

    “I once taught my daughter how to remove the malunggay leaves for tinola and she loved it! So now, she always helps me cook and clean after — even if I don’t ask her to,” she said.

    Discovering and pursuing their own interests

    Kim and Jade believe in giving children full support and encouragement when it comes to discovering and honing their skills and passion.

    Kim shared how Zia has developed a liking for adventure and trying out something new over the years.

    “She loves to dance and sing, and even knows how to make TikTok videos. She’s working on one now, but with supervision, of course. There’s also painting and tie-dyes to exercise her creativity,” she said.

    Meanwhile, Jade recounted the story of how her panganay started out as a shy student before becoming a confident singer and dancer.

    “Mikhaela used to have stage fright. I taught her how to overcome her fears by telling her every day how she’s doing a great job. I also joined her in her dance rehearsals and taught her some breathing exercises to keep her calm,” she said.

    Showing compassion for others

    One of the most memorable wins for Jade is seeing her kids show compassion toward people and animals, which made her feel how rewarding motherhood is.

    “There was a time when my son saw his ate crying. He went to the refrigerator to get water then gave it to his sister. He comforted her by patting her back,” she said.

    Jade added that Jayden likes to play and take care of their dog, too.

    Like Jade’s son, Kim’s daughter also loves animals. The mom said Zia enjoys walking their dogs and helping take care of them.

    Kim said her daughter is very compassionate, too, because she cares for other people’s feelings.

    “She brings smile and laughter to anyone sad or angry because of a situation. She finds a way to make you laugh,” the mom said.

    To help other parents guide their kids in achieving wins in simple ways, the two moms offered these reminders:

    1.Don’t be just a parent to your children.

    Kim said that if the kids see you as a parent alone, then there’s a chance they will hide a part of them from you. “For me, you should know when to be a parent to your child and when to be a friend so they can be themselves and learn to open up to you,” she said.

    2. Exercise patience.

    “More patience is needed especially when they're at an age na full of questions, na after you answered a question there will be lots of ‘whys,’” Kim said.

    3. Make your children feel appreciated.

    “I think the most important of all is to appreciate everything they do, small or big things. They need to feel that you're proud of them no matter what, especially when they succeed in something,” Kim explained.

    4. Nourish kids with food that’s good for them.

    “As a single mom, I do everything to keep my kids happy, safe, and healthy, especially amid the lockdown. I learned that I really love cooking, so I make sure to give them healthy yet delicious ‘brain foods’ like fruits, fish, and green leafy veggies like okra and kangkong,” Jade said.

    Jade’s tip: Cut the veggies into small pieces and hide these underneath the rice so her kids would eat every piece. She also makes it a habit to give them milk every day.

    Keeping kids happy and protected from diseases is every parent’s top priority, especially during these unprecedented times. Even more so if they are attending online classes every day. Start by partnering their balanced meals with milk to help support brain development.

    Giving kids a glass of age-appropriate milk daily, like Similac GainSchool, together with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, can help children keep up with the new demands of learning from home. This way, children can be equipped to rise to any occasion and achieve more little big wins in life.

    All prices indicated are SRPs (suggested retail prices).

    All prices indicated are SRPs (suggested retail prices).

    For parents, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing our kids slowly but surely develop into a person of their own. It’s an affirmation, too, that we are doing a great job in raising them.

    “I know it may be tiring and exhausting to make tough choices in life. Even if it seems like this is an unending feeling, just know that we are doing an amazing job!” Jade said.

    “Parenthood is the hardest yet the greatest feeling in the whole world. No one can ever replace the unconditional love that your kids can give. It is really priceless!”

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All prices indicated are SRPs (suggested retail prices).
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