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  • The One Thing I Need to Help Me Stay Sane: 14 Moms' Answers

    Motherhood is beautiful but it can also be stressful. Here's what moms say help them survive.
    by Rachel Perez .
The One Thing I Need to Help Me Stay Sane: 14 Moms' Answers
  • Our day, dear moms, is just around the corner—that single day in a year that we get to sleep in, pamper ourselves, have an adventure, or not worry about the kids. It's almost Mother's Day (May 13)! 

    But, on days that aren't dedicated to moms, thankfully we all have that one thing that helps us keep our sanity intact—our "lifesavers," or essentials, if you will. 

    We asked moms what their essentials are which make motherhood more manageable and less chaotic, and here are their top answers.


    1. A constant supply of coffee
    Coffee is the ultimate perk-me-up drink, and some moms need a number of cups (yes, plural) to keep them alert all throughout the day. "I cannot emphasize enough how I love my coffee in the morning. It helps me get in the zone and get through the everyday morning school rush without a hitch," says Bernice Lazona, mom of three. 

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    2. Baby wipes/wet wipes
    Moms don't leave the house without it, even celebrity moms swear by this innovation. Its use isn't limited to your baby's bum, but you can use it any way you want. "'Di dapat mawalan ng wipes. If maubusan ka, 24/7 convenient stores have them," shared Patty Remigio, single mom of two. 

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    3. Power naps 
    We all need sleep, but with moms' never-ending to-do list, it's hard to find time for it. But short power naps? That, moms can do. "Sleep when the baby sleeps? My kids aren't babies anymore, so I have changed it to sleep whenever you can," suggests account executive and mom of five Nita Suy.


    4. Wine (or any alcohol)
    "Occasionally, I enjoy a glass of wine after a hard week. Sometimes I have a few drinks with my girlfriends, who are also moms, to unwind (not to get drunk—there is a big difference)," mom of two, Lisa Rey, stressed. With a lot of things on our minds, some moms swear a little "spirit" helps. 


    5. A good massage
    Moms continuously need to fight off stress and a self-pampering day can be crucial. "I have one spa day in a month, and within that day, I have my hair and nails done and have a good massage. Kahit cheap basta magaling at nakaka-relax, I'd feel ready to handle another tantrum," shared Ria Tan, freelance graphic designer and mom of two. 

    6. Prayer
    "Not many moms would probably say this, but prayer calms me down. It helps me understand good and bad things that happen in my life. Having faith and a good relationship with God helps me prioritize what I need to do and block off negative things," Eaye Cano, entrepreneur and mom of two, shared. 

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    7. The "Mommy" voice (or stare)
    "I super love it when my kids would stop and think about what they're doing when I say, 'Don't wait for me to count you down,' shared mom of two, Sue Espiritu. "I use it when I'm not mad, so it was like a friendly, playful, yet serious warning, so it has helped prevent unnecessary fights." Use it wisely, and enjoy it while it lasts.  


    8. Gadgets
    "I'm all for screen time limits, pero nagpakatotoo lang ako. When push comes to shove, and you need your little ones to stay put for 15 minutes so you can have your meal in a restaurant when you're alone with the kids, it helps a lot," says Marife Cruz, mom of four. Tablets and smartphones give you easy access to Netflix, educational games, and apps, and connects kids with family members who are out of the country. 

    9. Take-out or drive-thru meals
    Not all moms love to spend time in the kitchen. "I can cook, but I can't cook a lot of dishes. Plus, I barely even make it to dinner sometimes," shared account supervisor and mom of two, April Gomez. "My mantra is to spend more time with my kids. If that means having less time at work or in my kitchen, then so be it."  


    10. A family calendar
    "My kids are all older now, and I try not to hover. Our family calendar helps with that. I ask my kids to jot down or pin in our calendar any reply slip, or schedules for a field trip or soccer game. I take one look at it, and I know what my day or week would be like, and I come prepared," said Esper Jimenez, BPO employee and mom of four. 

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    11. A reliable babysitter
    A good yaya these days is hard to find and hold on to. "We all know how valuable it is to have a good helper, but that doesn't come cheap nor easy. You need to invest in your helper with time, training, and a lot of patience. Believe me: when you eventually reap the benefits, it will all be worth it," says Vicky Roquez, graphic designer and mom of three.


    12. Girlfriends
    "Whether they're single or are also moms like you, it's nice and refreshing to talk to adults other than your husband, or parents, or in-laws. In fact, it's so nice to talk to adults after you've been stuck at home with little people no older than eight years old for a long time," quips Joyce Rodas, new mom of twins. 

    13. Grandparents
    An extra pair of hands are always welcome! And with lolo and lola around, expect those hands to come with a big heart. "Our parents can be a handful, but I'm more at ease leaving the kids with them when we're out of town. Iba pa rin kapag lolo at lola ang nag-aalaga," said Mon and Alessa Santos

    14. My husband/partner
    "My husband works full-time, but is also a hands-on dad. My kids love it when he's the one bathing them, or when he sits down and plays with them. I know not all men are in touch with their maternal side, so I'm just glad my husband is," says Jing Ruben, quality assurance officer and mom of three. 

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