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Mom Had Her Baby for 55 Days. Four Years Later, a Shirt Brings a Wave of Emotions
  • Nothing compares to the pain of losing a child. Dealing with grief is a continuous battle, and mom Stacey Skrysak shares how she struggles and copes.

    In a post on Facebook, Stacey wrote how a simple shirt she saw while shopping for clothes brought on a wave of emotions — it was a shirt that would have been perfect for her son Parker if he had survived. 

    “Dear Son, I thought of you today. I was walking through the store, looking at clothes for your sister, when this shirt caught my eye. It was size four, the perfect fit if you were alive today,” read the post. “The preppy shirt is exactly what I imagine you wearing, a classic look to match your sweet disposition.”

    The mom told Babble that she and her husband used button-down shirts when they announced their pregnancy four years ago. 

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    Stacey, who is a television news anchor in Illinois in the U.S., then pondered on what Parker would be like as a 4-year-old. Would he be more like mom or dad? Would he get along with his sister Peyton?

    “Would you get along with your rambunctious sister or would roll your eyes each time she has a meltdown? So many questions that will never be answered.”

    Peyton is Parker’s triplet sibling together with their sister Abby. Through her blog Perfectly Peyton, their mom has been sharing fertility journey and the battles her children have gone through ever since they were born. 

    After years of trying to get pregnant, Stacey and her husband Ryan finally had a successful round of in vitro fertilization (IVF), and they were given the joyful news that the mom was carrying triplets. At just 22 weeks, however, Stacey went into labor and gave birth. Abby passed away soon after she was born. Parker and Peyton, fighting with all their hearts, were tiny and fragile at barely a pound each. 

    “While Peyton amazed doctors with her strength, Parker faced an uphill battle,” said the mom. Her son died 55 days after his birth. Her daughter continued to fight through more health obstacles, and today is a healthy and happy girl. 

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    Every life, no matter how short, is a loss when taken away. She told Babble, “With Parker, we were blessed with close to two months with him. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but when your baby’s life is being measured in hours (or even minutes), it’s enough time to gain a lifetime of memories.”

    Stacey’s post resonated with other moms who started sharing their own stories in the comments: 

    Stacey's post concluded with, “I will think of you every single day of my life. You and your sister may no longer be here, but you will never be forgotten.” 

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