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Mom Pens Heartfelt Post About Anxiety: 'As Moms, We Are Destined to Worry'
  • Though it is fulfilling to raise a family, it is incredibly exhausting, not only physically but emotionally and mentally. Parents never stop worrying about their kids every single day. Period.

    A recent viral Facebook post describes this relatable journey thoughtfully and eloquently. Written by mom Danielle Sherman-Lazar of the page Living A Full Life, the post will hit home with moms everywhere.

    She writes:

    “One of the hardest parts about motherhood is the anxiety.

    “The anxiety to make sure everything is going to be okay.

    “The anxiety when your daughter is running toward the street, and she doesn’t listen to you to turn around until three seconds later when you hear yourself sounding like your own mother counting to three in a firm voice to GET BACK HERE—NOW!

    “The anxiety every time you separate: is she going to be okay without me? You think and pop your head back in the class window to spy on her and double check before you leave. Then the worry: I hope she doesn’t have an accident. I hope she behaves and doesn’t paint her cousin blue again today (yes, true story). I hope some other kid doesn’t touch her while I am not there to protect her.

    “As mothers, we are destined to worry — mother and worrier are basically synonymous. But that worry is completely worth it because those kids are our everything, and they are worth every bit of everything, even all the anxiety, that comes with them.”

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    Many parents related strongly with Danielle’s sentiments.

    “Love your voice in this realm, friend. Thank you for writing out your heart for ours,” one mom commented.

    “This is so true. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, I will always worry,” another user said.

    Other moms shared their own stories of experiencing similar situations, proving that just because a child grows up doesn’t mean his parents will stop worrying about him and his well-being.

    One user wrote, “I’m with you for sure!! And as my kids get bigger I am realizing it doesn’t go away. I am learning to unclench a little… to trust God with them and realize my worrying doesn’t change outcomes and only feeds my anxiety.”

    “It doesn’t get better when they get older,” one mom said. “I have one in college and two teens. According to my mom it never leaves you! But there is joy in seeing my kids thrive and do things that seem impossible!”

    What other parents are reading

    Another mom commented, “Your words give us comfort knowing we’re in this together for the long haul. The worry does last as they grow older except there’s also glorious moments of ease and calm [every] now and then.”

    Finally, other moms took the opportunity to leave words of encouragement not only for Danielle, but for every other mama experiencing a similar ordeal.

    “Your anxiety is one of the many reasons why you’re such a great mother,” said one user.

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    “Our anxiety makes us human and awesome moms,” another user wrote.

    If you are experiencing mom anxiety, remember that you are not alone, and that it is okay to ask for help.

    Want to get something off your chest? Or share a slice of your parenting journey with fellow moms? Send it to our Facebook Messenger or email at smartparenting2013@gmail.com with the subject “Real Parenting.” Join us at Smart Parenting Village.

    What other parents are reading

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