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  • You always hear from other parents that kids grow so fast. The growing pile of newborn clothes babies can no longer wear after a few months? The increasing number of toddler shoes they quickly outgrow? Check, check. These should be enough proof, but still, parents don't often notice or realize how fast time flies. 

    Well, hopefully, not anymore. The video (above) practically sums up motherhood. All the crying, mess-making and cleaning up, telling kids what to do or not to do, multi-tasking — basically all that plus watching kids grow up in front of your very eyes. Any parent would admit it's somewhat bittersweet. 

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    The video is a commercial by Hallmark, a company that prides itself on tugging at everyone's heartstrings through their cards' heartfelt messages. It was originally released in time for Mother's Day in 2019. Shared via Motherly, the video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times and garnered more than 32,000 reactions and 6,300 comments.

    Motherhood is a rollercoaster of emotions

    It starts with a mother picking up her crying baby and telling her toddler not to eat off the floor. "There will be a day when you hold them on your hip for the last time," the narrator says. Parents barely notice ikt when kids already walk and go to school independently. 

    "There will be a day when you've made your final bubble beard," the voice says over clips of a fun bathtime with mom and toddler. Then, it shows the mom giving her daughter some bathroom privacy.


    "A day when you will no longer be greeted like a hero... Or get the privilege of carrying them up to bed in your arms," the narrator continues.

    The video then continues to show how little kids throw themselves into your arms the moment you arrive at home. When they're older, they say hi and quickly go back to texting or playing video games.

    Do you remember the times when you can still carry them from the car up to their bed, trying not to wake them up? Soon enough, your kids will be waiting for you to arrive from the supermarket to borrow the car.

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    "Nothing can prepare you for these days," the narrator says, of when you think of how time has gone by so fast. Motherhood may be about complaining about lack of sleep and the exhaustion, but also wishing we could stop the world from turning sp that kids remain kids. 

    At the end of the video, the mom holding her granddaughter tells her daughter that her baby looks just like her. "Just as nothing can prepare for the day when they finally understand how much you love them," the voiceover says. 

    True to the Hallmark brand, the card that the mom receives will definitely cue the tears to fall. (We're not crying. You are.)

    Raising little human beings is a daunting challenge. Often, moms and dads complain about the lack of sleep, the neverending packing up and cleaning, the high cost of childcare and education, and guilt and burnout. Still, in just a moment's notice, they'd be all grown up, and you'll miss the days they only have you to feel safe and loved.

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    So, don't miss out on your children's growing up years. Stop, breathe, and take it all in. Be thankful you get to witness your kids grow up, albeit bittersweet, because that is the purpose of being a parent. 

    Celebrate your baby's milestones. Watch the video below.

    What other parents are reading

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