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  • Parent's Book Review: Baby Loves Jazz Books (and CDs)

    If you’re looking for a multi-sensory reading experience for your child, try out Baby Loves Jazz Books.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Looking for a book that you and the kids will love? I suggest you get the Baby Loves Jazz Books: Charlie Bird Counts to the Beat, Ella Elephant Scats Like That, and Duck Ellington Swings Through the Zoo. My son, Badger, got Charlie Bird Counts to the Beat as a gift when he was still very young. However, when Badger was old enough to appreciate Barney, I got so sick of hearing Barney songs that I pulled out Charlie Bird from his bookshelf and had my husband play the CD that came with the book in the car.
    Entertaining for Everyone, Including Mom and Dad. It was magical! Charlie Bird’s instrument is the saxophone and it was great to hear jazz in a new way. Badger wasn’t the only one entranced. The book counts from one to ten, with different animals playing different instruments (organ, trumpets, harmonica, fiddle, bongos, spoons, saxophone, electric bass, nose flute, and trombone). Both the gorgeously illustrated board book and the fun jazz CD entertained Badger so much that we ended up playing Charlie Bird songs in the car almost every day. I ended up with Charlie Bird LSS. But I didn’t mind. Because of the book, Badger was able to memorize lines with different animals and different musical instruments.

    Multi-sensory Learning ExperienceMy husband and I loved it so much that we got two other books from my sister last Christmas: Ella Elephant Scats Like That and Duck Ellington Swings Through the Zoo. The books are a great way for me to point out letters in the words and how they sound (even nonsense words like the scatting of Ella Elephant). Charlie Bird was also a creative way to get him to count. Because the songs are so entertaining, Badger likes associating what he’s hearing with what he’s seeing in the books. The experience becomes multi-sensory. It’s inspiring to see him engaged on so many levels.
    Making Reading a HabitBecause Badger associates so much fun with the books, he takes them to bed and asks me to read them to him. Before, I would bring a couple of books and ask him which ones he wants to read. However, lately, he brings all three books and asks me to read them all! I hope he develops a lifelong love for reading.

    Baby Loves Jazz Books are available at Fully Booked.

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