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  • Call Them Raketerong Tatays! How These Dads Manage to Work Full Time and Do Sideline Jobs

    They manage full-time BPO jobs while still being able to work on their hobbies and passions
    by Carol Amistad .
Call Them Raketerong Tatays! How These Dads Manage to Work Full Time and Do Sideline Jobs
  • Being a parent is a huge responsibility. In the eyes of our child, we are nurse, teacher, cook, provider, defender, friend, playmate, and superhero. To cut the story short, we are their everything. Which is why we will go out of our way to give them the life they deserve.

    That’s what these three hardworking dads do. They call themselves "Raketerong Tatays" — all of them work full-time in the BPO industry, but they took advantage of their hobbies and passions by coming up with a sideline to further support their families financially. How they started their rakets, manage their time, and show their love for their family and work is truly inspiring.

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    Andre Cambal, with his partner, Cham, and their daughter Gotham Alleria

    “Your family is what makes you stronger. They’re the reason why you work and why you never stop fighting!”

    —Andre Emmanuel Cambal, a full-time advertising and promotions specialist; photographer/graphic artist/musician on the side


    I started creating motion graphics and videos for our company. Then, Lester, who’s a good friend of mine, invited me for a collaboration, which enabled the three of us to create dynamic videos and photos – each marked with our individual style.

    Raketerong Tatays accepts bookings for different private events.

    “I never believed in having so much work to do.”

    Andre believes in time management. If he sacrificed time with family, he makes up for it.
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    I never really ran out of things to do, whether it’s marketing collaterals at work, video edits for one of our clients or a video of my family. It’s not a matter of “If I can finish…,” but rather of TIME. It’s how much you’re willing to sacrifice. I may have sacrificed some time for my family, but I make sure I make up for it.

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    “Always put your family in the heart of whatever you do because that’s what defines you as a father.”

    Being a father and husband is tough! It is stressful and difficult at times. But as long as you know that you are doing this for them, you will not fail.

    Lourd, with his wife of 10 years, Moon, and their daughter, Luna Leia.

    “The most important thing in life is your family. Do everything for them!”

    —Lourd Stan Sevilla, a full-time technical support representative; a videographer/editor/photographer on the side


    I have always been fascinated by films and how they are made. It’s about capturing the movement and sound, and the emotions as they happen during an event. Through photography and videography, we can re-live these occasions. I love the idea that we can keep these moments, enhance them through editing, and then share them to everyone.

    Lourd considers family as the most important thing in life.

    When I won an award in an office competition where we were asked to create our short films, people started recognizing my work. So I started to invest on my camera and other gadgets. With equipment at hand, I started tagging along a friend who has a photo booth service. Since then, I have been receiving projects, which are mostly through referrals or word-of-mouth.

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    Work can be fun if you're with friends as these three prove.

    “You need to know your priorities so you can plan ahead.”

    Though difficult at first, it actually just takes getting used to. If applicable, file for leaves or swap schedules as early as you can. Be transparent with your supervisor about your upcoming projects. Involve the people around you with your time and schedule. Let your family know when you have projects, or if you can spend time with them. Accept that you are going to miss out on things.

    The Raketerong Tatays with their clients.

    “Just keep rocking and rolling! Your family is the most important thing in life!”

    Sleep is a privilege, so rest when you can. At the end of it all, I always ask myself “Is it worth it?” before I accept a project. With this, I can weigh the situation and allow myself to either sacrifice and accept the job, or spend time with my family, or get some sleep.

    Lester Humawid, with his wife, Joan, and their daughter, Laura Jasmine

    “It feels good to be spreading positive vibes around. I love to see people smiling.”

    – Lester Humawid, a full-time employee communication and engagement specialist; host/photographer/videographer/wedding coordinator on the side

    I started as a clown in kiddie parties. Then I fell in love with photography and eventually learned how to shoot videos. Then, I began coordinating for weddings. When we lost our home to a village fire three years ago, I decided to have it as a sideline to support not only my family, but also my parents and siblings. 

    “Secret in balancing and managing time? There’s none! It’s a work-raket-life harmony.”

    The Raketerong Tatays in action.

    I set my priorities and just accept the fact that there are times I will be missing out on some family or barkada gatherings. Although I was able to teach my wife how to plan for events so she can also have her sideline since she’s a stay-at-home mom. Each chance I get to spend with my daughter, I make the most out of it. At the end of the day, she’s the one taking all my pagod and puyat away!

    “Minsan kailangan din natin maging Sexbomb dancer. Laban lang nang laban!”

    According to Lester, it's his daughter Laura Jasmine who takes his pagod and puyat away!

    Raketerong Tatays accepts bookings for private events (coordination, hosting, photography and videography) through LNJ Events and Photography. Visit facebook.com/LNJEventsandPhotography or call +63 929 159-5537.

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