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    Having a baby is life-changing. This is true especially for first-time mothers. Being a mom definitely isn’t a bed of roses, but it certainly does have its positive points.

    But before one actually becomes a mom, the blessings of having a baby may not be so obvious. Take it from these moms:

    Before I had a baby, I thought ...

    …that babies were difficult to understand. Apparently, when you become a mother, you are installed a ‘cry-reader.’ You just know and feel what they want and need by their different cries!
    — Bettina Carlos, actress, host, and mompreneur, single mother to Gummy, 4.5

    … that they were cute but annoying. My husband and I really didn't want to have kids before. Now, we’re happy parents to our daughter, and even homeschooling her!
    — Rosanne Unson, IT professional and co-owner of The Learning Basket, mom to a five-year-old

    …that babies were easy to put to sleep.


    I usually have a hard time putting Kobe to sleep during the day — I guess because of all the stimuli (light, sounds, etc.). But thankfully, nights are easy for us! I just nurse him to sleep with the lights dimmed and the room quiet and he can sleep for hours!
    — Princess Velasco, acoustic singer, business person, blogger at PrincessVelasco.com, mom to Kobe, 3 months old

    …that babies were like dolls — they would only do what their mommies would like them to do. On the contrary, they have temperaments, too!
    — Donna Donor, events director and online ESL teacher, mom to Kib, 9

    …that babies were fragile. To some extent they are, but I am amazed by how strong and able-bodied my 2-month-old baby actually is! Each day he develops a new skill and more awareness about how each body part functions, and it just leaves me in awe of God's design!
    — Patty Laurel-Filart, 32, blogger, host and model, mother to Theo, wife to Patrick

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    …that babies would be extremely fussy until they are a year old. I am blessed to have a baby who was only fussy during his first two months.
    — Arge Valencia, writer, mom to Louiji, 2

    …that babies were too much work and that they would take all of my patience and time. Once I had my own they took all of my heart.
    — Marilen Faustino Montenegro, interior stylist, model, TV personality, mom to Iago, 5, and Sabie, 3

    …that babies are like toys which you can play with and then set aside once you get tired. But I was wrong. They need your 101% attention and care. And though it is very tiring and draining at times, they are still heaven-sent playmates who bring sunshine to a gloomy day.
    — Kaity Bato, work-at-home-mom to MigMig, 5, and Miro, 1

    …that babies were impossible, and that motherhood was only meant for a few moms. I had a difficult time conceiving so when it finally happened for me, I realized how God lovingly works miracles and made me a mom myself.
    — Lia Mañalac del Castillo, broadcast journalist, mom to Aiyah, 8 months

    …that babies were extremely fragile creatures. I would just look at them. I wouldn’t hold them. I am an only child so I didn't really know how to deal with babies. I guess you can say I was indifferent.
    — Krystyna Quimpo, virtual assistant and writer, mom to Alyssa, 13, and Andre, 5

    …that babies were an obstacle to a woman's career success.
    — Frances Amper Sales, blogger and magazine editor who became even more successful when she became mama to Vito, 5, Iñigo, 3, and Piero, 1—her lucky charms!


    …that caring for one is easy. I always thought that babies, during their early years don't need much attention, that all they do is sleep, poo and eat — rinse and repeat. I never thought that it's going to be difficult. Nobody told me that you'll barely get to shower and comb your hair, or that you'll suffer from sleep deprivation. I hoped that all those ‘magical’ stories come with a disclaimer.

    Nevertheless, I don’t have any regrets. Yes, having a baby makes you sleep-deprived and fatigued, but I could never be happier. Having a baby teaches me how to be a better person, how to love unconditionally, how to care more for others than myself.
    — Aine Austria, freelance writer, bacon fan, mom to 1-year-old Chloe


    …that they were cute and cuddly and I would like to have one someday!
    — Chesca Garcia-Kramer, wife, mother, homemaker to Team Kramer, host of Mommy Hacks on CNN Philippines, co-founder of 100% WholeMom and a faithful follower of God

    …that they were fragile beings that I won't be able to lift, moreso carry. I thought they were like raw eggs that could be crushed in my attempt to hold them.
    — Lorreine R. Gapusan, ESL coach for Asian students, Spanish language student, tire care center and salon owner, wife to a seafarer and usually single parent to Holy, 11, Angeli, 6, and Hilee, 5

    …that they are perfect little angels ...until they started crying in the middle of the night and I became a "zombie." Now they're suddenly all grown up and I miss those sleepless nights.
    — Nina Corpuz, ABS-CBN host, mom to three-year-old Stella and one-year-old Emily



    …that babies were easy to handle. My husband and I waited for 5 years for our little one to come. We thought raising him would be as smooth as how my mom is raising my nephews and niece. Well, we were wrong! Our 20-month-old son never runs out of energy. He tests our patience all the time but his sweet laughter instantly puts smiles on our faces.
    — Zherneth Lumanog, senior project manager, mom to Axl Blaise Zadkiel, 1 year and 8 months

    …that I was not ready to have one at the time. Little did I know that my motherly instinct would kick in once I got pregnant and it would be second nature for me to take care of and nurture my little one. Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me.
    — Veronica Mesia, work-from-home customer service associate, home baker, freelance writer, and mom to Matthew, 9

    …that babies are always mabango! I was proven wrong the very first time I had to change my baby's diaper.
    — Malou Hibaler, makeup artist and entrepreneur, mom to Gabbie, 8, Lance, 5, and one angel in heaven, James

    ….that babies would just eat, sleep and play their whole baby life through. I underestimated the work behind raising and caring for them. I overlooked the sleepless nights and so much more! Nonetheless, babies are the cutest, and will deceive you with their wide-eyed, toothless smiles.
    — Nelle Gillesania, fulltime mom to Miggy, 5, and Liam, 2

    …that all babies followed a schedule and are easy to take care of.
    — Vikki Santos, senior clinical research associate, mom to David, 9, Grace, 5, and Jhaye, 3


    …that they were easy to take care of because I had some experience carrying and putting my baby brother to sleep when I was 8 years old. When I had one and via a CS birth at that, I realized why some moms are cranky and it explains their look of relief when visitors or relatives offer to carry their baby.
    — Melissa F. Encarnacion, mom to Varic, 10, and Anika, 7

    …that milk was always the solution to their crying.
    — Marie Chua-Francisco, virtual assistant and mom to Zyana, 5

    …that everything would return to normal after giving birth to this cute addition to the family — but the truth is that change all the aspects of every mommy's life, like her finances, daily routine, career path and purpose.
    — Gracie Maulion, social entrepreneur and mommy blogger, mom to Zee, 2

    …that babies were these cute little creatures who will steal my bed space, invade my holy bathroom time... and captivate my whole being, especially my heart — and I was right!
    — Kandie Co, mompreneur and owner of Mutterliebe, mom to Jeremiah, 3, and Jireh, currently in utero

    Now, it’s YOUR turn: What did you think about babies before you had one of your own? Share your answers with us by leaving a comment below!

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