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7 Single Moms We Love And What We Learned From Them Like Strength, Courage, And Following Your Dream
  • "Did you hear? Superheroes are real. They are called single moms," an anonymous quote said. And maybe that is the only best way to describe single moms.

    Motherhood in itself is already challenging, overwhelming and nerve-wracking. And sometimes, life adds a different level of challenge: being a single mom.

    A single mom has to learn how to juggle everything in her hands - providing for her kids, nurturing them, doing the chores, running errands, answering all their questions - all while working hard and making sure her career is growing and there is food on the table.

    The special journey of single moms is a “pot of gold” for realizations, inspirations and life lessons. Here are a few celebrity single moms and what we can learn from them:

    7 solo parents we love and the lessons we've learned

    1. Ruffa Gutierrez: Courage and Strength

    The former beauty queen shared on her eldest daughter’s graduation day, "Today I want to salute all the hard-working single mothers who have raised their children with courage and strength on their own. The road is never easy but we persevere. Keep the faith that God will reward our struggles with blessings we can't even begin to imagine.”

    Ruffa’s previous marriage was not a secret to the public eye from the start, until they separated in 2007. She was also vocal about the abuse she received from her ex-husband, Yilmaz Bektas, and even admitted that she’s still a little afraid of meeting him personally.

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    “We talk but even if he’s invited me many times to go back to Istanbul, I can’t do it because I have this notion in my head that he will kill me,” the actress shared.

    Despite the trauma that her previous relationship caused, she took up the courage and gathered her strength because she knows her daughters need her more than ever. Her daughters grew up to be strong and loving, too.

    She even doubled up her courage and strength and decided to further her education. "You're never too old to chase your dreams," she said. Ruffa announced last May 2021 that she decided to go back to school. She took up a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Communication Arts at the Philippine Women's University. She is set to graduate this July 2022.

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    2. Valerie Concepcion: Responsibility and Transparency

    "Sabi ko [sa sarili ko] 'Kung wala akong aasahan, kailangan sa sarili ko, magtrabaho na ako, kasi may buhay na akong susuportahan e. So, automatic, yung mother's instinct ko lumabas," the actress shared.

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    She got pregnant at a young age of 16 without a partner, and she knew she needed to take up the sole responsibility of raising her child.

    She let go of the usual things a teenager would enjoy - going out, partying - and made sure she’s working hard for her daughter. She embraced the responsibility of being a parent even at a young age.

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    Now, her daughter is already a teenager. They get along well and treat each other as best friends. Their secret: transparency. "Bata pa lang sya, hindi ako nagsisinungaling. Sinasagot ko nang maayos, ini-explain ko lahat.

    Kahit hindi pa nya nakikita in person yung dad nya, pinakita ko yung picture. Eto yung tatay mo, eto ang pangalan nya. Wala akong sinisikreto sa kanya," she says.

    Valerie did not hide anything from her, including the true story of what happened in their past. She knew that being transparent and honest to her daughter will eventually buid the trust between them.

    In 2018, Valerie also finished college with a degree in BS Psychology.

    Valerie shared her daughter’s Mother’s Day greeting for her:

    3. Angel Aquino: Presence


    Maybe one of the hardest challenge for a single mom is time management. She needs to work, but she also needs to spend time with her child.

    It seems like Angel Aquino found the secret on managing her time spent on work, while making sure that she also spends tme with her children.

    A testimony from her daughter Iana, “I never felt that my mom was too busy for us. I’m thankful that I had my grandmother. We lived with our lola, si Nanay, for the longest time. So, I’ve always had a mother figure. And mom always came home naman to us. Siguro kasi tabi-tabi pa rin kami sa isang kama.

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    "’Yon ang naging practice, so we never felt her absence and that she was too busy. Siguro din acting is not a job that demands your every day. So there would be days na, like MWF siya sa Probinsyano, Tuesday and Thursday, nasa bahay siya. Examples like that na she’s not always absent.”

    It’s quality versus quantity–Angel needs to work away from home but she made sure that when she’s home, she is 100% present. She can’t choose not to work, but she can choose to be present in her children’s life in the available time that they have. They even sleep together and co-parent fur babies, which made their bond stronger.

    4. Karla Estrada - Perseverance and Determination


    “Don’t feel sorry for single mothers. Instead, admire their strength”, Karla Estrada said. Her life was not away from the limelight as she was in show business when she got pregnant with her eldest son, Daniel Padilla. She was only 19 years old.

    Karla is very open to the hardships their family faced over the years. As a single mom, she raised her four children from different relationships, Daniel, JC, Magui and Carmela all alone. Once, when the kids are younger, they can’t afford to pay the electricity bill. She and Daniel (being the eldest) stay up all night to take turns in being a human electric fan so that the others can sleep.

    Aside from the overwhelming responsibility of taking care of four children, Karla also received criticisms. She was called “pariwara”, “matigas ang ulo” and other names.

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    This didn’t stop her and only motivated her to persevere. She worked hard, determined to give her children a good future different from what they experienced early on. She used all the hardships they went through as “practice”, “training” and “character-building.”

    "Ang pinagdaanan mo sa buhay ang magbibigay sa'yo ng confidence, magbibigay sa 'yo ng tapang, lakas ng loob at pang-unawa at 'yung bait, she said.

    And today, we can say that their family overcame their challenges with their perseverance and determination.

    5. Kylie Padilla: Priorities


    A “newbie” in the realm of single motherhood, Kylie takes care of her two sons, Alas Joaquin, 4yrs old and Axl Romeo, 2yrs old.

    Her previous relationship with Aljur Abrenica was once the headlines of showbiz news. But this didn’t hinder Kylie from being a good single mom, no matter what issues were brought up during that time.

    Kylie picked up the pieces and put herself together because her priority right now is her children. And in order to take care of them, she needed to work to provide for them. She had to re-align her priorities as they navigate their way in their new life.

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    When asked if she welcomes the idea of having a new relationship, Kylie answered, “"Open naman ako, pero maraming checklists eh. Madami silang pagdadaanan, “Hindi ko alam kung sino ang tatagal, kasi mga anak ko muna, tapos ako, tapos trabaho ko. Pang-fourth, fifth na sila. Papayag ba sila ng ganun?"

    She clearly put her kids on Priority No. 1 - because they are young right now and they are in the age when they always want Mommy. Her self-care comes next, then her work. Which probably takes a lot of time, too. And if there’s someone who will agree to be the last on the priority list, then he needs to accept that he comes last.

    She needs to adjust her priorities because if not, she might get lost and become tangled with the challenges she needs to face as a single mom.


    This was best shown in a recent event when her eldest son, Alas, cried in an event where she’s working. She immediately asked the organizers if her son can sit with her in the stage so she can comfort him.

    She works hard for her children, but her children always comes first, too.

    6. Jodi Sta. Maria: Contentment

    After five years of marriage with her ex-husband Pampi Lacson, she became a single mom in 2011 and single-handedly raised her son Thirdy. Though their co-parenting arrangement is better now, Jodi was not a stranger to the challenges of becoming a single mom.

    But instead of dwelling on her hardships, she made a shift in her perspective and decided to stay contented with whatever season she is now. By staying contented and not waiting for anything, she decided what will happen with their life.

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    “There is nothing wrong about being a single mom, being a single woman. You can still be your own person, your own individual. You can still do all the things na kailangan mo gawin kahit na single ka. Hindi siya curse, hindi siya taboo na kapag wala kang partner in life,” Jodi boldly shared.


    In fact, Jodi pursued all the things she wanted while staying a good mother to her son. She finished her college degree last June 2021 and earned a diploma in BS Psychology. She graduated from Southville International School with a Dean’s Merit.

    She has travelled almost half of the world, among the places she’s been to are Maldives, Italy, Bolivia, Morocco, Peru, Mexico, Arizona, Mozambique, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Turkey. Currently, she’s travelling through Europe with her son.

    7. Sunshine Cruz: Staying Beautiful and Youthful

    Single mom or not, mothers always hear the comment, “Losyang ka na.” But when we dress up, we also hear negative comments.

    Sunshine Cruz, a single mom to three beautfitul daughters, is not new to this “bashing”. She would often get criticisms and negative comments to her photos where she’s usually wearing “youhtful clothes”.

    "Katanda na ang attire parang teenager," a basher said when Sunshine uploaded a Tiktok video where she’s wearing crop top and jogging shorts.

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    She gracefully answered, “Kailangan po ba ang attire ko like yours para masabing tama ang suot? I don't think may chart ang attire according to age. Basta happy at confident, go lang po. Walang bawal at masama.”

    She continued, “Ladies! Wear clothes that make you happy and feel pretty. That's all that matters,”
    She reminds all moms, single moms or not, to continue taking care of ourselves, dress up a little even when we stay at home, or just simply do whatever that makes you happy.

    Putting on make up makes you happy? Do it. Dressing up makes you happy? Do it. Doing Tiktok videos is therapeutic for you? Do it.

    There’s no law on prohibiting moms to stay young and beautiful, so go ahead and enjoy being a mom!

    It’s true more than ever that single moms have this secret strength for staying strong all these time. Let’s continue to cheer them on always!

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