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  • Why she loves being a mom: Coming home from work after a long day to a flurry of kisses and hugs!


    Her Business: Mama.Baby.Love


    The Idea: My daughter is an extended nurser (breastfeeding beyond one year old) so I am in constant search of good yet affordable nursing bras. I had the opportunity to purchase a couple in Singapore and the US. There are some nursing bras available locally but they are either too expensive or of shoddy quality. I decided to bring in quality, affordable nursing bras to address this need. I chose my name because the products that I offer are items that mothers and babies will definitely love.


    Why it’s unique: My products target nursing mothers. I carry nursing wear, nursing bras, breast pads, and milk bags. I hope to be a one-stop shop for nursing moms.


    On balancing work time with family time: I’m actually a lawyer working as the chief of staff for a government official. I delegate and do not try to do everything myself. I also maximize time with my family and do not engage in “idle” time. We’ve eliminated TV time for our family and instead use this time for bonding, talking, and cuddling.

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    On promoting breastfeeding: I am a certified peer counselor with LATCH (Lactation, Attachment, Training, Counseling, Help), a breastfeeding support group. I also maintain a breastfeeding blog, Chronicles of a Nursing Mom, where I try to address all things about breastfeeding and the Pinoy mom, in hopes of further promoting my advocacy. I was also able to organize a breastfeeding awareness festival in my government office, which resulted in the establishment of one lactation room, with plans to establish another one.


    Advice for other mom-preneurs: Believe in your products. I don’t sell items I have not used or don’t believe in. Talking about my experience of using my products is the most effective sales strategy.


    Where to Buy: Log on to http://fabnaima.multiply.com and www.mamababylove.com. Call 5261180. E-mail jenny@mamababylove.com.




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