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  • The Mom-preneur: Simone Herrera (mother to Nina, 5)

    Her Business: Stuff N’ Fluff Party Essentials

    The Idea: When my daughter Nina turned one, my husband Bobbi and I decided to do everything on our own. I enjoyed every minute of it, from planning and designing the invitations to picking out treats for the loot bag. The party was a success, and most of our guests thought I hired a party planner, so I thought, why not do this for other kids and their parents too?

    Husband and Wife Team: Bobbi and I started the business and it was a great mix of our talents. He used his organizational skills, and Stuff N’ Fluff really brought out my creative side. It was the perfect avenue for us to express ourselves and earn money on the side. But since Bobbi had to enter the corporate world again, I handle the business mostly by myself now. He just checks on me and gives me advice.

    The Name: We decided to call it Stuff n’ Fluff because Nina was so into Winnie the Pooh at that time, and her favorite part of the opening song was “Winnie the Pooh… tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff…” It was so cute when she sang it, and it sounded like a catchy and happy name.

    Personalized Touch: I talk to clients, design the décor, and coordinate the overall party myself. I’m kind of a perfectionist and that way, customers are assured of my presence and the realization of their ideas in the parties. We also give individualized themes and designs, so that no two parties are exactly alike. We customize packages for the clients based on their preferences, their taste, and of course, their budget.

    Why she loves being a mom: There is nothing in your single life that will prepare you for the joys and challenges of being a mom. I think motherhood is great because you are nurturing a little soul, a gift from God. I think that’s a tremendous responsibility, but it’s a lot of fun, too!

    Top three tips for mom-preneurs:
    1. You have to love what you do. Be excited and your enthusiasm for your product will be contagious!

    2. Don’t be afraid to ask help from the people around you. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with work when you’re a mom and a businesswoman, too.

    3. Have time for yourself. Get a facial, go to the salon, see a movie with your husband, and have lunch with friends. You need to recharge and enjoy life, so you can continue being a good businesswoman, a happy wife, and a great parent.

    For a unique party package, contact Simone at 373-9844 or 0918-9445364 and e-mail stuffnfluff2005@yahoo.com or asksimone@mystuffnfluff.com. Visit www.stuffnfluff.multiply.com and www.mystuffnfluff.com for more details.


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