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3 Things That Make Motherhood Worth It
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  • What, to you, is motherhood?

    Motherhood, or what we sometimes fondly call “mommyhood” is defined by Google as “the state or experience of having or raising a child; giving birth to a child”. Those who have experienced it define it as “the symbol of the nurturing presence given to a child”. Hence, the child need not be a woman’s own biological child for the woman to experience it. 

    It is true that the pain that comes with pregnancy and labor, plus the risks a woman puts her life through while giving birth to her child is incomparable. But motherhood does not stop at giving birth. The long sleepless nights, the physical exhaustion and all the stress in raising and nurturing children are, I guess, the perpetuation of it.  

    A mother is the epitome of love, sacrifice and strength. It’s a twenty-four-hour job that does not allow days-off, vacation leaves, or sick leaves. It’s a multi-tasking job that requires one to be a teacher, a nurturer, a listener, a confidante, an emotional anchor, an educator, a disciplinarian, a nurse, and a protector all at the same time. The long list never ends.

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    3 things that make motherhood worth it

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    A mother is anything and everything that one can think of in relation to raising children. To sum it up, a mom is a superhero, capable of doing anything for her children. It’s pain and joy in one journey, like the following: 

    Memorable firsts 

    The joy that we feel with our child’s first smile, the first word, the first step, the milestones that our children accomplish at an early age will never be surpassed by anything in the world. They are moments that we try to seize in photographs or videos and upload on social media for everyone to see which makes our hearts soar with pride.

    As our children grow and start their own journeys in life, there are more “firsts” that make mommyhood worth all the aches and pains. The very first day our child sets foot on the institution that would mold him into becoming a better individual, a law-abiding citizen and a future professional, is another landmark, so to speak. It is a mix of emotions for a mother to see off her child on his first day of school. Knowing that her baby would be on his own without her protection and care for the next couple of hours can cause anxiety and fear. But, at the back of her mind, there is a feeling of gratitude for another accomplishment in the process of raising her child.


    When my eldest daughter started going to school, I was working full time. I only took a day off from work to assist her. It was with my youngest daughter that I had become overly protective at first--spending the entire three hours at school, waiting for her, since my schedule now permits me to do so. The joy of seeing your child/children for the first time in a school uniform is something that always brings me close to tears. My baby is all grown up now! I would always tell myself. Is it only me? Or are all mothers as melodramatic as I am when it comes to her children?

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    Academic accomplishments

    I can still remember the first day my eldest daughter started kindergarten. Now, she is all grown up and has successfully completed an academic degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology. My friends ask me how it feels to have a graduate. For me, I felt proud yet ambivalent. I was glad that finally, she was able to fulfill one of her dreams, but sad at the same time because the thought of not having a father figure to celebrate a very momentous occasion in her life kept haunting me.


    Raising five children, three biological ones and two stepdaughters, is difficult. But it brings with a lot of emotional rewards. The past year had been an emotional roller coaster ride for my children and I with the patriarch leaving and trading the family for another. Despite this, I can say that I am blessed to have very smart, understanding and supportive children. Despite the devastating experience we had gone through, it was a blissful school year of reaping rewards for all the hard work and sleepless nights that my children had labored for.

    With my eldest daughter finishing her bachelor’s degree, her siblings had their own accomplishments as well. My son graduated as the Salutatorian from primary school with awards for excelling in different subjects. But my pride does not stop there. There’s more to it! My eldest stepdaughter finished her grade level with high honors, amassing fourteen medals in all, while my other stepdaughter also finished her grade level with honors, and excels in sports as well. To top it all, my youngest daughter concluded her Kindergarten class with nine medals! Who wouldn’t be proud? 

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    Taking on responsibility

    Showing responsibility for their actions may also equate to demonstrating that I have raised my children well--thus, the feeling of satisfaction as a mother. “With great power comes great responsibility”, goes a popular line from a superhero movie. It may be from a fictional character, but the message it conveys holds true in the real meaning of success which I always emphasize to my children.

    To see how my children handle responsibility not only in the classroom, but even in our small abode, makes me so proud. I have made it a point to give my children their own responsibility in doing house chores, and I am proud to say that they can handle cleaning the house to washing the dishes, doing laundry and even cooking. Others may view this as additional workload for their kids since they need to study and concentrate with schoolwork--true, yes, but it is also a good training ground for time management. With these, I know that in the future, they can handle a lot more.


    Perhaps in my old age, the best “perk” of motherhood that I can consider would be seeing all my children become successful in their chosen endeavors, happy with their chosen partners, and living simply and with contentment.

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