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  • Children do the darndest things, don’t they?  No matter what, they will get into the most bizarre situations you can ever imagine and you end up making rules that are just as bizarre (such as "Don't put the cat in your toy chest!"). For many parents, the ultimate expression of this is cleaning out a purse, knapsack or overnight bag, only to find more than what they bargained for. Here are eight stories from parents who have endured such facepalm-worthy moments:

    Three kids, three different occasions, I have found a myriad of things in my bag: a McDonalds Chicken Nugget and a half, a pair of used footsies (from a daughter who dances ballet) and a toy sword. To this day, I can’t quite figure out how my son managed to squeeze that sword into my handbag. - Poteet

    chicken nuggets

    My son Paolo loves Star Wars toys. We were at the grocery one time when my wife, Xen, reached into her purse to pay when she grabbed something strange and freaked out. She pulled out a severed hand – the robot hand of Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen before he becomes Darth Vader). The hand detaches because he really loses his hand in the movie (along with the rest of his limbs). Xen’s just grateful that the hand wasn’t life-sized. - Arvin  



    A post-chewed gum inside our travel bag -- that’s what I discovered in there one time. It was a couple of weeks old, all crumpled up in its foil. When he saw it, my son conveniently took it off my hands, quickly unwrapped it and popped it in his mouth like it was fresh and new. Ugh! - Dindo

    chewing gum

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    I found shells. Not so bad, right? My little girl had a fun time collecting several fistfuls of shells from a beach trip – and they just happened to still have "occupants" inside. - Gelo


    My kid was under the weather with a really nasty cold. On our way to his grandparents' house, I grabbed some tissue and quickly gave it to him for wiping his snot, with instructions to throw it in a particular place in the car reserved for such things. Imagine my surprise to find the used tissue - with snot still nice and squishy on it - inside my computer bag. - Dino



    My child has left stinky socks and several blocks in my bag. But my yaya definitely takes the cake: for our trip to Siquijor, she secretly stashed salt in my bag (seriously, it looked like a stash of crystal meth in a little Ziploc bag).  When I asked her about it, she said it was to combat aswang. She knew I didn't believe in those bloodsuckers but she cared enough to send some "protection." That was so sweet. - Justine


    Over the years I have had Pokemon’s Pikachu, Ryu of Street Fighter, origami toys like cranes, canaries and ninja throwing stars, half-sucked-on-and-eventually-forgotten lollipops and bloody handkerchiefs (Mig’s nose would bleed a lot when he was young).



    One time, we were heading home from school and my son was fiddling with a loose baby tooth. I guess the tooth couldn’t wait until we got home and it popped out and left a bit of a bloody mess.  He begged me not to lose the tooth as he wanted it under his pillow that night for the Tooth Fairy, so he kept it in my bag. - Anna


    A kiddie-looking Spider-Man ball pen. I was kinda embarrassed with my client as I had no other ball pen available and I had him use it to sign a contract. That was so not corporate. - Millie

    spidey pen


    Recently, I found a camera bag that I hadn’t used in years. When I checked out the insides of the bag, I found a pack of Northwest Airlines peanuts that was stashed in one of the pockets. It was from a family trip to the States twenty years before and that those peanuts were a treat I promised to let him have - Curtis


    What odd things have you found in your bag courtesy of your kids?

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