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This Mom Has An Impressive Tiny Toys Collection: 'Playing Together Bonds Us More As A Family'
PHOTO BY Instagram/Tiny Toys Diaries
  • Can you still recall the items you’ve collected when you were younger? From songhits and vintage toys, to old comics and other memorabilia—we’ve all collected items that bring us happiness and kept a few—not just to remind us of the olden days, but also to have something we can pass on to our children.

    Mom of one Abby Bautista Soriano knows a thing or two about the joy of collecting. Her Facebook page, aptly called Tiny Toys Diaries, gives a glimpse of how vast her toy collection is as scrolling through it is like taking a trip down memory lane.

    “I started collecting tiny or miniature toys back then but my favorite is the Polly Pocket compacts and houses by Bluebird,” she shares in an interview with Smartparenting.com.ph.

    Abby has always been fascinated by miniature dollhouses and anything tiny since she was a kid. While she stopped collecting for some time, she started adding to her collection again after she got married because her husband, Raff, is also a toy collector.

    “He loves vintage Japanese robots like Super Sentai, Super Robots, and other robots like Transformers and Medabots. Toy collecting is one of our shared hobbies,” Abby says.

    Turns out husband and wife aren’t the only ones who love collecting toys as their six-year-old son, Bryce, also has a collection of his own and loves playing with his parents’ vintage collectibles.

    “He was trained at a young age so he knows how to hold valuable toys properly. We let him hold and play with our collections, too. Given the money we spent on these and their current value, it can be considered as our pamana to Bryce. Of course, if the time comes and he does not want any of these, we are okay if he wants to sell them,” reveals Abby.


    For Abby and her family, toys aren’t just things—they are stress-relievers, making them feel happy and young again. “Playing with our collections together bond us more as a family,” she adds.

    Aside from using it as a bonding activity, the family also started a Youtube channel called Tara! Laro Tayo! where they showcase their collections, give tips to fellow collectors, and basically just share the good vibes. There’s even a playlist featuring Bryce and his toys so expect a dose of cuteness, too!

    Know more about the Soriano family’s collections in the photos below:


    Abby started collecting Polly Pockets and houses by Bluebird in the 90s. “I find them so cute and very fun to play with,” she shares.
    PHOTO BY Abby Bautista Soriano
    PHOTO BY Abby Bautista Soriano
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    PHOTO BY Abby Bautista Soriano
    Abby and Raff got most of their toys in Japan and the United Stated during their trips. They also check out online shops and legitimate Facebook sellers aside from attending toy conventions.
    PHOTO BY Abby Bautista Soriano
    Bryce often plays with his parents’ collections aside from having his own collection. “Our collections help us get through the quarantine, especially when we’re just staying home,” says Abby.
    PHOTO BY Abby Bautista Soriano



    The Re-Ment sets are definitely one of the most interesting items in Abby’s collection. “My love for tiny toys were magnified in 2015 when I discovered Re-Ment.
    PHOTO BY Abby Bautista Soriano



    The details in these miniature, realistic-looking toys from Japan are so nice despite the size. I also love doing setups like the kitchen, the dining room, or cake shops. It’s like making your own tiny world,” explains Abby.



    You might be wondering how and where Abby stores their tiny toys. With such small pieces, it’s important to keep them in one place so as not to misplace just one.


    “I have one cabinet for my vintage Polly Pockets while the Re-Ment sets and other miniatures are kept in plastic organizers in another cabinet,” she says.

    Since they live in a condo, proper organization is key. Some of the toys are kept on shelves while Bryce’s toys are stored in big bins he can easily access. Meanwhile, Raff’s robots are placed on display shelves and cabinets.

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