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  • 13-Year-Old Wears 'Tired Mom' Costume and Her Mom Can't Stop Laughing

    Just in case you're still looking for something to wear for your Halloween party.
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
13-Year-Old Wears 'Tired Mom' Costume and Her Mom Can't Stop Laughing
PHOTO BY The Hartsocks Photography/Facebook ILLUSTRATOR Natz Bade
  • Halloween has become widely popular in the Philippines in recent years, following the way other countries do it: decorating houses with images of ghouls and creepy witches, dressing up on Hallow's eve, October 31st, and bringing the kids out for trick or treat.

    While the children are mostly excited about their candy haul, we're guessing grown-ups — moms, in particular — are looking forward to the dressing up part even more because Halloween gives them a license to be whomever they want to be without fear of being judged. Want to don a unicorn onesie? Go right ahead. Want to glam it up and go Queen Bey? We won't stop you. Heck, you can even come as yourself. Well, sort of.   

    In Albuquerque, New Mexico, 13-year-old Jill Hartsock is getting cheered on by moms everywhere for her spot-on portrayal of motherhood with her "Tired Mom" costume, a photo of which her mother Lindsay posted on Facebook. It has gotten more than 39,000 Likes, almost 9,000 comments, and 64,000 shares so far. 


    Jill's photo has received a lot of positive comments, all of which praise the concept, details of her costume, and even her acting skills! Lindsay, who has eight other children, says Jill "had a legit example" in her mom, but totally credits her daughter for coming up with the idea.

    "She totally put a lot of thought into this role," Lindsay said in the comments section, adding, "When she came downstairs like this I couldn't stop laughing!  She was in full character and it was so entertaining."

    Let's see. What's so "Mom" about Jill's outfit?

    PHOTO BY The Hartsocks Photography/Facebook

    1. Messy bun

    Yes, a scrunchie is a mom's best friend.

    2. Smudged eyeliner

    Any attempt to put on cosmetics is futile.

    3. Starbucks Venti

    Only because they don't have anything bigger. 

    4. Burp cloth

    They should change the name to "spit-up cloth."

    5. Cracked nail polish

    It's like a 3-year-old painted it on (oh, wait, in Jill's case, it was).

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    6. Nursing pads that are out of place

    "Is that my bra? Am I even wearing one?"

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    7. Shirt with spit ups

    Too bad photos can't capture the spit smell, too.

    8. Baby in one hand

    And a shopping bag in another, which holds diapers, wipes, and three bottles of wine. 

    9. Pacifier clip

    In case of emergency (such as, a baby that won't stop crying)

    10. Oversized sweater

    To cover the spit-ups

    11. Black leggings

    A mom's uniform

    12. Boots (or sneakers)

    Ready for action anytime.

    13. Toddler clinging to one leg

    Complete with a yawn, this looks about right, don't you think so, moms?

    Lindsay and her husband Kyle own and manage the photography service company The Hartsocks Photography.

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