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Today's Accomplishment: I Kept Human Beings Alive
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  • The house is a mess.

    There's nothing else edible in the kitchen save for some leftovers from your kids' dinner. There are unfolded laundry on the sofa, dirty dishes in the sink, and a stack of books you said you would organize three weeks ago.

    It's almost 10 pm and it seems like the day went by like a tornado that picked up speed, until it reached maximum strength, brought the house upside down, picked you up and away. It took you by the ankles and threw you round and round and then left you drained, bone tired, and exhausted on top of a pile of dirty laundry and toys all over the place.

    You wonder what happened today. And why it seems like you didn't really get anything done, yet you are so exhausted. And so when someone asked "So what did you do today?" you looked around and didn't know what to say, because honestly, you are too tired to explain.While the house and everything else screams "nothing, I did nothing," by the aching muscles in your body you know you actually did a lot.



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    You kept human beings safe, bathed, fed, healthy, and entertained today.

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    In fact, by noon you've prepared three different meals, set the table a few times, and fed X number of hungry mouths. By 2pm you started feeling the exhaustion kicking in as you picked up yet another toy from the floor and cleaned up after your kids a third time. You washed the plates and utensils a number of times, but these just kept piling up because your eternally-hungry little humans kept asking for food.

    You've answered a total of 45 questions by 5pm and have gone through an entire lesson on numbers, shapes, colors, jungle animals and marine creatures. After 30 minutes you were done teaching your toddler the alphabet too, while preparing another bowl of snack for Kuya who's asking for help with his homework.

    You must have sung approximately 25 different nursery rhymes by 6pm, and washed X number of butts. You've shampooed little heads, and scrubbed little feet.


    You've lulled the baby to sleep a few times, changed diapers, flown airplane spoons, and wiped goo, food, and dirt, off your kids' faces. You have kissed a number of booboos, broken up a total of seven fights, and gone on a half hour sermon about love and family.

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    You've done a total of four different activities today to keep your little ones happy, entertained, and away from the gadgets and the TV. You've danced to the entire CoCo soundtrack and sung with Anna and Elsa for hours.

    Before bedtime you gave them vitamins, and all other medications. You applied insect repellant on X number of appendages, and picked up your 198th toy for the day.

    You sing them one last song before begging them to go to sleep.

    By this time you had the house to yourself: quiet, a bit dark, and still a mess. You collapsed on the bed feeling a bit guilty staring at the pile of clothes, baskets of laundry, and your to-do list, thinking about all the tasks you didn't get to start and didn't have the energy to finish. You felt like you didn't accomplish much.


    But dear mom, remind yourself that you already did a lot today.

    We raise our little ones one day at a time, and today you raised them well. You kept your little humans fed, loved, and entertained. Today you played referee, nurse, teacher, cheerleader, counselor, mother, and a multitude of other roles. So the next time someone asks you "So what did you do today?" please feel proud and say "I kept human beings alive today".

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