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  • We Are a Family Who Vlogs! Lessons From 4 Families Whose Lives Are Online

    These families share the ins and outs of having a YouTube channel
    by Din Real Bautista . Published Mar 2, 2019
We Are a Family Who Vlogs! Lessons From 4 Families Whose Lives Are Online
PHOTO BY Ruth Ramos and Janice Lizardo
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  • From looking up makeup tutorials to saving recipes to try, many of us have seen or followed a vlog on YouTube. I also watch videos every day, especially before going to sleep when silence has finally arrived, and I can just take a few minutes or hours to myself.

    The YouTube videos I find most entertaining are those that bravely document and publicize a family's journey. Sometimes, I can't help but think about starting my own YouTube channel. It seems so easy —all you have to do is talk to a phone or a camera and explain what you're doing.

    So I tried it — and I failed! I was too shy to even talk to my camera, and I felt really conscious. Plus, I had to think about the editing and the witty captions that make a vlog worth watching. What do viewers look for in vlog? Why do vloggers do what they do?

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    If you're curious about starting your own YouTube channel, these four families share the pros and cons of having a family vlog


    Seeing comments from viewers inspire Omni and Bryce to continuously produce videos.
    PHOTO BY Omni Larossa

    For Omni and Bryce Larossa, also known as Omni & Bryce online, documenting their kids’ milestones and using the channel as an online video album started their vlogging journey. They didn't know it was "vlogging" was back then. It changed when people started noticing their videos. “We realized people enjoy seeing families online. The viewers' comments inspired and continue to inspire us to share more about our journey,” says Omni.


    Omni and Bryce have been together for eight years, and they have been blessed with three beautiful children. “We still remember the time na ang daming OFW na humuhugot ng joy and inspiration sa mga videos namin. May mga nangangarap na umuwi na to be with their families.”

    Their videos are all about family, how to sustain it, how to overcome challenges, how to be happy with what you have and even with what you don’t have. It’s not surprising then that even single and young individuals get inspired and dream about raising a family of their own.

    “We tell them na posibleng magkaroon ng masayang buhay may asawa at pamilya in spite of their past or their background in life. Recently, a subscriber got the courage to propose to her wife after watching our 'Practical Wedding Tips' video.”

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    Omni and Bryce had some inhibitions and challenges along the way. At first, they thought, putting up a vlog would require a high-tech camera and video equipment, so it stopped them somehow until one day, they used their phone’s camera and edited it from there! It worked, and up to this day, they shoot and edit with just their phone.

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    One of their challenges is to upload regularly because as they say, it is essential if you want to build an online community. With the demands of work and running the household, filming and editing take the back seat, especially when they don’t have someone to help them take care of the kids. It’s family first, always.

    When asked about raising kids who are well-versed in vlogging and growing up with YouTube as a part of their life, the couple noticed they are growing up with confidence, especially when it comes to talking to people, expressing themselves, and presenting ideas. They believe that with proper guidance and giving importance to security, it's okay to let kids be aware of how vlogging works as well. Click here to view their channel.

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    Mommy Ruth

    Ruth uploads her son's milestones on YouTube like a diary she can look back on.
    PHOTO BY Ruth Ramos

    Ruth Ramos's vlogging career started when she got pregnant. She grew up without a mom or a mother figure, so the Internet became her reference about the dos and don'ts related to pregnancy and motherhood.

    “I saw a lot of moms from the U.K. and the U.S. like Aaryn Williams and Emily Norris giving good and informative videos about their pregnancy journey on YouTube. This inspired me to document my [pregnancy] journey as well but for Filipina moms naman.” 

    Now that her baby is over a year old, Ruth has also added parenthood and family life in her vlogs.

    Ruth says it's normal to feel bad about the negative comments you get. But she says to use it to improve your craft. Let the positive comments keep you going. She also shares that one of the biggest challenges she encountered so far is the consistency in vlogging. 

    “I have to be better at time management because life gets really busy with a toddler and running a household and there are other things to do as well,” she says.


    Ruth said she has no fears of seeing her son River grow up in the world of vlogging. “As long as I make sure that we remain cautious in regards of safety (no vlogging with a house number or plate number, personal events, etc.) and maintaining healthy boundaries, I think we are good. I think it’s pretty cool. I wished my mom vlogged too before she passed away.” Click here to view Ruth's channel.

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    The Lizardo Squad

    Posting regularly has become quite a challenge for Janice and Japoy given the filming and editing involved.
    PHOTO BY Janice Lizardo

    For Janice and Japoy Lizardo (you might recognize him as the taekwondo champion in Milo's TV commercials), the people who appreciate their family have been their inspiration in putting up a YouTube channel. The couple vlogs about almost anything under the sun, from parenting and family vacations to the sport they both love. (Janice plays taekwondo as well.)

    Just like many vloggers, posting regularly is a real challenge. “I know they just appreciate our videos but sometimes no time and it’s not that easy. But we do our best! We love posting our videos, and we feel so happy when we post.”

    As for their 2-year-old growing up on YouTube,  the couple says, “It’s actually good in keeping memories. Maybe we can show it to them in the future or maybe they can also be like us in the future.” Click here to view their channel.

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    Andrea oversees the her family's YouTube channel while also running an online business.
    PHOTO BY Andrea Aranas

    Andrea Aranas was inspired by vlogger Wil Dasovich's a-day-in-the-life vlogs. She felt her everyday routine as a mom could be entertaining, even to her family, friends, and probably other families who want to watch and learn from others. She also loved the fact that her daughter gets entertained watching herself on YouTube. “It's like she's watching herself live on TV,” she muses.

    Aside from managing the vlog, Andrea also runs an online business from home while doing hosting gigs on the side. How does she manage her time? “I set deadlines tapos I remind myself I have to do this. Saka when I spend too much time on one work, I rest by doing another. No yaya, yes, most nights puyatan talaga. But in the morning, I find time while Agatha is playing,” she shares. Click here to view her channel.

    So are you up to the vlogging challenge?

    Din Real Bautista is a proud full-time homemaker. Most of the time, she’s busy raising a kind-hearted and strong human being named Monica together with the most amazing husband, Beejay. And the rest of her time, she’s making sure her life is better outside social media.

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