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Take a Bath Standing in a Basin! Moms Share 'Wais Tips' During Water Shortage
  • It’s been almost a week since Manila Water announced their scheduled water interruptions in parts of Metro Manila and Rizal, and residents are really feeling the heat. Fights have reportedly erupted in places where people are lining up for rationed water, and one local news report even showed an irate woman doing laundry while in line!

    According to news reports, Manila Water still cannot determine when regular water supply will be restored, especially in the affected areas of Mandaluyong and San Juan. The company’s chief operating officer Geodino Carpio told ABS-CBN News that gravity is a factor in their water supply system so residents living in higher areas may not be able to receive water due to the low supply and pressure.

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    Yesterday, March 13, 2019, Manila Water announced a new water interruption schedule on its Facebook page. Starting March 14 and 15, residents under Manila Water will experience six to 21 hours of water interruption every day and weaker water pressure.


    “Those areas that still receive a 24-hour supply of water will experience about 12 hours [of water interruption],” said Manila Water spokesperson Jeric Sevilla to CNN Philippines. The operation will allow Manila Water’s reservoirs to be refilled to provide supply.

    Residents are left with no choice but to endure and think of ways to store and conserve water.

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    We asked members of our Facebook group Smart Parenting Village for their "wais tips" in storing and keeping your water use to a minimum. Here are some of their useful, some cheeky, suggestions. (On a serious note, make sure to keep your stored water for drinking and household use free of bacteria. Read here for tips.)

    8 ways to store and conserve water at home

    1. Store water in your washing machine.

    Since you won’t be able to do laundry, anyway, better use it for storage instead!

    2. Inflate your pool.

    Short on buckets? Use your child's pool as a water container. Plastic storage and empty gallons of distilled water may also be used.

    3. Use your trusty balde and tabo for baths.

    And a glass when brushing teeth. You can limit your water consumption, but you can still clean yourself thoroughly.

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    4. Use a basin to catch water when taking baths.

    Yes, literally stand inside one. Then transfer the water you collect into another container to flush the toilet and clean the bathroom.

    5. Use two basins to wash dishes.

    Fill one basin with soapy water for washing and the other for rinsing.

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    6. Avoid washing your car or taking it to the car wash.

    Top Gear Philippines says “getting a car wash could be the most irresponsible thing to do right now,” and we agree. Your car can stand a few days (or maybe even weeks) of not being cleaned.

    7. Collect water for reuse.

    The water you use for rinsing fruits and vegetables can be reused to water houseplants or for flushing the toilet. If you’re boiling pasta, you can also drain the water into another container so as not to waste it.

    8. Designate one glass for each family member to drink from each day.

    You can also refill a water bottle. This will cut down the number of glasses you need to wash.

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