20 Moms Show Us What Happens When They Leave the Kids With Dad
  • In our experience, women take to the role of a mom like they've been doing it every day. Even those who profess they don't see themselves as mom material become some of the most nurturing people we know. Of course, moms won't be moms if they don't incessantly worry they are doing everything wrong. It is what probably glues mothers all over the world — it's not easy to stay "chill" when you've got a tiny human being depending on you. 

    Dads, on the other hand, worry and get anxious, of course, but their chill factor is waaay better than moms. And thanks to the members of our Facebook group, Smart Parenting Village, we have 20 photos to prove it.

    We asked the moms to send us a photo that answers what happens when the kids are left in the care of Daddy. (We don't know if they asked the dads' permission to send these photos so...surprise!)

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    1. Let us begin with a classic: Dad checks if a child can fit in a suitcase. As for holding a chicken, he's checking reflexes?

    2. Dads like having a mini-me. It entertains them to no end, and the fact that kids seem to love it is just a plus.

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    3. Dads like to push boundaries, and they do not doubt their kids can handle it. So...


    The baby comes with him when hiking. 

    And hanging the baby on the door is just something Dad wanted to prove to himself if it can be done.

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    4. Dads always think moms spend too much money on things grown-ups are pretty capable of providing.

    5. Dads totally agree there will be no screen time for the kids!

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    6. Dads are obsessed with headgear.

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    7. And, boy, do dads love this face filter.

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    8. Dads need their sleep, too. 

    "I asked my husband to burp the baby because I needed to pee. Paglabas ko, ayaan."

    "Pag naiwan si anak kay daddy, nauuna pang matulog si daddy kaysa sa pinapatulog."

    "Sabay silang tulog..."

    "Sabi ko bantayan at laruin. Tinulugan."

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