6 Precious Lessons Celebrity Moms Learned From Their Mothers
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  • As kids, we would call our mothers for everything, for something as simple as having dirtied our shoes to something more consequential as having a high fever. Now, it’s time to give back. Moms deserve all the respect and adoration they can get—not just on Mother’s Day but for every day that they share with us their wisdom, understanding, and pure, selfless love.

    We caught up with celebrity moms during stroller brand Aprica’s latest product launch at Shangri-La at the Fort, Taguig City. They shared with us the lessons they’ve learned on raising a child, as well as the lessons their own mothers have taught them.

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    1. That you find your true purpose when you become a mom.
    Liz Almoro has been a mother for 13 years. She has two sons, Juamee, with TV host Willie Revillame, and Max, with her husband Victor Aliwalas. “Mother’s Day has always been extra special since I had a baby. You realize your purpose in life, that there is another being dependent on you and that you have to nurture [him]. I feel pretty special after becoming a mom, especially now that I have two,” she shares

    2. That you can ask for help when you need it.
    Fille Cayetano just gave birth to her third child with director Lino Cayetano last March 2018. She’s most thankful for her mother, whom she can call any time for help. “‘Like Mom, I need you’ and she will be there. Always. That’s why I’m so happy that my mom is always available, and really helpful. When I’m away and I need her, I know that I can leave the kids with her without worrying, and I know they’re loved and taken care of really well,” she says.

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    3. That no one knows what's best for your child except you.
    Sam Godinez married her childhood sweetheart Paolo Valenciano in 2013, and now they have one daughter, Leia, born in November 2016. Sam remembers her first Mother’s Day as the day her mom made lunch for all the moms in the family. “I was still adjusting, and it was all still super new to me,” she recalls.

    Her mom also taught her the most important thing about motherhood. “She taught me that it’s okay if my daughter, sleeps in her own room,” she says. “During the first month, I was going through baby blues and I was feeling guilty for thinking that I would rather let her sleep in her own room so that I could rest. And my mom assured me, ‘You know, from day one, you slept in your own room.’ My dad said, ‘Do you feel less loved? Do you even remember?’ And I said ‘No.’ Basically, they taught me to do what I feel is best. That’s what I learned and I instantly became happier.”

    4. That you will always have a support system.
    Nikka Garcia, who has three daughters with actor Patrick Garcia, says that while every Mother’s Day is special for her, it’s her mother that she wants to thank each time the special occasion comes around. “Whatever I say no to, it's always a yes with them [grandparents]. It's always a yes to the point that your kids want to stay with their lolas na lang. But it's fun. We have a great support system with them around.”

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    5. That lola will always spoil the kids and it's up to you to find balance.
    Alexa Gutierrez, who is married to Elvis Gutierrez, one of Annabelle Rama’s sons, shares that since her mother passed away, it has been her mother-in-law who has been a great lola to her child. “She spoils the kids,” she says. “Like she will give anything. She’s like Santa Claus. Every day is like Christmas.  I don't give my daughter, Alexa, anything anymore. So now I’m more focused on books, and she's more focused on the toys. At least it's kind of fair. I try to keep it like that—I try to keep it balanced.”

    6. That motherhood entails patience. Lots of it.
    Cat Arambulo-Antonio, interior designer and blogger, remembers all too well how Mother’s Day was spent at their house when she was a child. She recalls, “Usually my dad would buy stuff for us to give to our mom. Sometimes, we buy something nice or sometimes we make stuff, and we would just celebrate and surprise her.”

    Now that she’s a mom herself, Cat says she treats every day as if it were Mother’s Day: “because every day I'm doing something with my kids.” The best lesson she has learned from her mom? “Patience and tough love.”

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