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  • How a Mom Explained to Her Husband Why She's Cranky Every Morning

    The words her husband used were why she wasn’t “in the best of moods first thing in the morning.
    by Kitty Elicay .
How a Mom Explained to Her Husband Why She's Cranky Every Morning
PHOTO BY Mattea Goff/Facebook
  • While moms appreciate the love and support husbands give them, there are times when the men in their lives still don’t have a clue just how much “invisible work” they put in when it comes to running the household and raising a family. It’s like they live in a bubble — if they don’t see it, they don’t understand it.

    So, when one mom was asked by her hubby why she wasn’t “in the best of moods first thing in the morning,” she decided that the best way to make him understand is by giving him a sketch of what she goes through each night exactly.

    “This past weekend, I was having a hard time finding the words (probably because I haven’t had any sleep) to express to [my husband] Kris why I’m not in the best moods first thing in the morning,” mom Mattea Goff writes in her Facebook post. “So I sat down with my coffee and drew him a visual.”

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    The first photo shows the couple sleeping with their baby on mom’s side (swaddled in her own crib and sleeping). But two hours later, their baby suddenly wakes up and starts crying. Of course, it’s Mattea who has her eyes wide open, while her husband continues to sleep soundly.

    Seeing the next set of drawings had us in stitches — it’s the reality every breastfeeding mom goes through. In one, Mattea struggles to stay awake while her baby happily breastfeeds.

    She gets scratched by her baby because she forgot to cut her nails ...and her baby dribbles milk on the bed, which Mattea has to clean up. Throughout all this — you guessed it — hubby Kris is still sleeping soundly.

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    And that’s not all — Mattea tries to go back to sleep but her baby moves around a lot and starts kicking her, and worse, her husband hogs the blanket! Ugh.

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    In the morning, Mattea is exhausted while Kris is in a good mood (hello! He’s had a good night’s rest!). He even has the audacity to ask Mattea to cuddle! Throughout the drawings, Mattea points out that her husband’s nipples are “completely useless.”


    Unsurprisingly, Mattea's post has gone viral. As of this writing, her post has been shared more than 207,000 times and has received more than 61,000 comments and 155,000 reactions. After all, the struggle of a nursing mom has never felt more real after seeing those photos.

    “I think these drawings really resonate with moms because the exhaustion is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t lived it,” Mattea explains to Buzzfeed. “But when you’re able to create a visual with pictures, it’s something that’s easy to share when you don’t have the words.”

    Mattea, who is a mom of two girls (a five-year-old and a 5-month-old), clarifies that she drew the photos not because she wanted to undermine Kris but because she was unable to express into words what she was going through. “My husband is a fantastic guy, but sometimes if you haven’t lived something, you don’t understand it.”

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    And more than the laughs, the photos actually highlight the one thing that nursing moms need from their husbands: support. Research even shows that it can help boost a mom’s milk supply — when there is enough psychological and physical support from the father, milk production and breastfeeding success increases. (Read all about that here.)

    So, yes, just because dad has ‘useless nipples’ doesn’t mean he can’t help in other ways. He can definitely help you get more sleep, for one. Take turns with him at night when it comes to soothing, feeding and changing diapers so you both don’t end up sleep-deprived.

    "Support and encouragement for exhausted new moms is extremely important from everyone around them, especially their partners," Mattea says. We agree!

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