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Why I Love Being A Work-at-Home Parent
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  • As a parent, it is our duty and responsibility to make sure that the needs of our children are provided for, not only financially, but also with the intangibles such as emotional support, love, structure, positive role modeling, and time. 

    Of these, it is often said that children need time the most these days. In my opinion, this is the most important factor in the emotional and psychological development of a child. Without enough time to spend with children and be a parent, one misses out on the wonderful privileges of parenting. Spending time with your children can never be replaced with material things or money. 

    As a single parent, it gets trickier. Not only must you be your child’s sounding board, friend, and confidante, you must also be able to provide for them financially. Education is not cheap, and maintaining a home adds to the load too. With bills to pay, mouths to feed, and a future to save up for, a single parent needs all the help she can get. 

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    A traditional corporate job is a good option, but an eight-hour job equates to being away from home for the entire day (since you must add the time one has to commute to and from the office, the traffic and long lines in trains and other unavoidable incidental factors that we may encounter along the way). That would make it impossible to attend to your children’s needs. Hence, the option of a home-based job or working from home seems to be most suited for me.


    Working from home has given me the liberty to manage my schedule in a way that I could provide for my children’s needs. Here are more reasons I love it:

    Why I love being a work-at-home parent

    Flexible schedule.

    I have the option when and what time to work, I feel no rush getting from one place to another, and eat lunch at any weird time I want. 

    An environment that is conducive for work.

    Working in the comforts of your own room without worrying about disturbing or getting disturbed by a colleague is indeed very gratifying. Of course, you need to be disciplined enough not to get too comfortable that you might fall asleep.

    Cozy "work" clothes.

    You can wear what you want (you need to don corporate tops though for video calls) without worrying about style. Leggings, jeans or even short pants and PJs? Not a problem either.

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    Knock off some weekend to-dos.

    A pile of laundry as high as Mt. Everest does not have to wait for the weekend. Just stash them in the machine and get back to it when you’re done. 

    No need to go on a leave of absence. 

    When I was working an eight-hour job, attending parent-teacher conferences or school programs were a dilemma. Will my boss allow me to go on leave? I needed to file for the leave at least a week prior since school activities do not fall in the emergency leave category. Doing errands at offices that are only open from Monday to Friday was also burdensome. 

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    No office distractions.

    There are no co-workers gossiping around or telling you their negative opinion about other colleagues and/or the management. 

    Zero commuting.

    You can go straight from the bed to your work area at home (of course, you need to freshen up first and look professional). 

    Save money.

    Meals are expensive if you work in the business district, unless you bring your own food. Working from home also saves you from the temptation of  buying stuff you don’t actually need.

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    Forget crowds and the traffic.

    No squeezing yourself inside crowded trains that resemble sardines cans, no worries of having people scuffing your new shoes, or walking behind agonizingly slow people.

    More time with loved ones.

    This is the best and most important advantage that convinced me to take on a home-based job. I don’t have to worry if my house help would come in every day. I can cook and prepare my children’s meals, spend time chit chatting with them over dinner, make sure they go to school and are all home on time, and so on. 

    While I cannot say that working from home is suitable for all parentspersonally it has been helpful in achieving work-life balance , benefitting not only me but most especially my children.

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