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  • The Mom-preneur: Sherrie Mae Siy-Ong (mom to Marcus, two years old, and Rychael, one year old)

    Her Business: Wonderworld Wooden Toys

    Why She Loves Being a Mom: Our kids have really brought joy to our lives. I’m not as cynical and I can now see the world through my children’s eyes. Nurturing children is mahirap na masarap. It’s back-breaking work (literally!), but I find delight in our routines, bathing them, nursing them, feeding them, and playing with them.

    The Idea: I was looking for wooden toys for Marcus when I heard that wooden toys are good for children. By chance, I went on a business trip with my mom and discovered Wonderworld wooden toys. I loved the brand right away because it was colorful, unique, and had a wide selection for kids 0 to 6 years old. The toys are sturdily built with no rough edges and non-toxic paint so I knew it was safe for my little ones to play with.


    Why It’s Unique: Wonderworld wooden toys are made from renewable resources. We use 25-year-old rubber trees which no longer produce latex for tires. For every tree that’s used in the production, two trees are replanted. Parents can log on to the Wonderworld website to view updated satellite pictures of the trees they have helped to grow through purchase of these toys.

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    On Playing With Wooden Toys: The kind of toys children play with affect their development. Wooden toys are made from a natural material which makes them safer for babies and toddlers to gum than plastic toys. Wooden toys also encourage children to move and be creative, since they need to be actively played with and not just looked at. Wooden toys are not so noisy so children are not overly stimulated. And no batteries needed!

    On Having a Natural Lifestyle: I’m into a more natural way of child-caring. As much as possible, we use non-toxic products in our home. Our laundry detergent, bottle cleanser, bath soaps, Oasis baby oil, and other products are made from natural ingredients. I don’t let the kids watch a lot of TV. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Wonderworld wooden toys. They fit our natural lifestyle.


    Where to Buy: Log on to www.babysmiths.multiply.com, visit the Wonderworld toy kiosk located at the 4th level of Shangri La Plaza Mall, or contact Sherrie at 0917-8822711.

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