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  • 'My Baby Won't Remember Some Of The Best Years Of Her Life. But I Will'

    Our kids grow up so fast but a mother will never forget every single moment she shared with her kids.
    by Mary Jane Pujanes .

    Parenting can be a lonely job. What helps is having a community who cheers and listens without judgment. And that's what our "Real Parenting" section is for: a space where parents can share the joys, pain and the mess that is parenthood.
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    Dear anak,

    I hope you know how lucky I am to be your Nanay. Every day is a reminder of how wonderful God's plan is for you. You are growing up so fast, and my only fear is that when you grow up, you won't remember every single detail of the first three years of your life.

    You won't remember how I cried and smiled at the same time when I saw you for the very first time. You were crying close to my face as if saying, "Nanay, this new world of mine is so big and so loud. I need you to comfort me." But the only reply I gave was "Hello, baby!" Then, I gave you your first kiss.


    You won't remember the nights that turned into days — all those moments of cuddling, breastfeeding and nappy changing.

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    You won't remember the people who came to your Christening and first birthday. You were so happy to see everyone that you didn't hesitate to give each one a smile, a wave, a kiss, or a hug.

    You won't remember how proud Tatay and I were when you reached your milestones. You won't remember when you took your first step, had your first walk, spoke your first word, got your first haircut, and all the other firsts.

    You won't remember the places you've been to. You won't remember how your eyes twinkled in those places where you just ran around, and we wondered how you never got tired of doing so, and we thanked God that you knew how to enjoy life at its simplest.

    You won't remember the thousand times you called me "Nanay" and said "dede" in a day.

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    You won't remember how broken we both were when I had to leave you every morning for work, and how excited we were to see each other when I got home.

    You won't remember how you genuinely smiled at the sight of those colorful toys at the mall. You won't remember the times we said "No" when you wanted the same toy that we bought you a few days ago.

    You won't remember the times I had to turn you down, when all you just wanted was to play with me, because I had chores to do or important work to accomplish.

    You won't remember that every wound was healed with only a kiss from Nanay and Tatay.

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    You won't remember all those tears and meltdowns, and those laughs and giggles that made my heart melt.

    But, Nanay will. I will always remember everything about you, everything about us, and I will treasure those memories until my dying day.

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    I love you.


    Mary Jane Pujanes is a teacher who also loves to write. She is a breastfeeding advocate and a follower of the Montessori method. She shares her motherhood stories and experiences on her Facebook page, "Nanayhood," her personal blog.

    Want to get something off your chest? Or share a slice of your parenting journey with fellow moms? Send it to our Facebook Messenger or email at smartparentingsubmissions@gmail.com with the subject "Real Parenting." Join us at the Smart Parenting Village here.

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