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3 Ways Tito And Tita Can Help You Raise Happy Kids
  • My sister and I did not have the best relationship growing up, but for some reason, when my niece was born, I had a sudden need to become the best “tita” in the world. In the six years that we spent living in the same house, I spoiled my niece and would gladly take her when my sister needed a moment to herself.

    3 reasons aunts and uncles are essential to parenting

    I used to joke that the best thing about being a tita is that you can have a trial run at being a parent and you can always give the kid back when your patience has run out. Kidding aside, being a tita myself made me realize that aunts and uncles also have an important role in children’s lives.

    For example, my niece and I get to bond and have a relationship that’s different from her relationship with her parents — when she was younger I was the doting aunt that she can run to whenever her mom disciplines her, and now that she’s older I can relate to some of her interests that her mom can’t (she likes K-Pop and I do, too, LOL). My niece also knows she can confide things with me that she’ll be hesitant to share with her mom, and she can do so knowing that I won’t judge her for it.

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    If you’re a mom and you have siblings, here are more reasons why you should nurture your child's relationship with her aunts and uncles:


    1. Tito or tita can be an adult friend your child can depend on.

    Aunts and uncles don’t have to be involved but they choose to be involved. After all, they will love your child like their own. The only difference is that your kids might see them as an adult friend — and that’s a good thing.

    Say your child has a crush on one of his or her classmates but is too shy to open up to mom or dad. The “cool” tito or tita can listen to them without judgment, and because they are not the parents, they might have a more relaxed approach and offer different or encouraging solutions to the child’s dilemmas.

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    2. Tito or tita can become an inspiration.

    Kids look up to their parents and want to be like them when they grow up. It can be the same with aunts and uncles, especially if they share the same interests as their nieces and nephews.

    “The more aunts and uncles the child has, the more influences a child has,” says Melanie Notkin, author of Savvy Auntie: The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers, and All Women Who Love Kids to Forbes. “If the uncle is a fantastic artist, the child may be inspired by that talent.”

    3. Tito or tita can help smoothen the relationship between parents and their kids.

    Your siblings love your children, but they don’t have a legal obligation to them. So that puts them in a unique position if ever you and your kids have a tampuhan. They can tell stories about your childhood — embarrassing ones you will likely withhold from your kids — and that can help your children have a better understanding of why you react to certain situations with them. In the same vein, they can offer you advice that can help you understand your kids a little better.

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    Even if you and your siblings don’t have the best relationship, if you see them being a positive influence on your kids then there’s no reason stop them from bonding with the little ones. As Notkin says, the best thing about being an aunt or uncle is “a child doesn’t discriminate when it comes to love.”

    Apart from being close to their titos and titas, you should also let your kids bond with their cousins! Click here to learn why it' can be rewarding for your children.

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