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Go, Dad! 5 Lifelong Benefits a Hands-On Dad Can Give His Child
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  • Dads have always needed a push from moms when it comes to parenting. Culture used to dictate that fathers were always the disciplinarian, stepping in when misbehavior is involved, or a sterner hand is needed. While moms today still find themselves reminding their partner in his share of parental duties, the dad thankfully doesn't need a lot of coaxing to be involved. Of course, they would all like to be "directors of fun" in their child's life, but some dads do get in touch with their maternal instinct more than others. 

    Whatever is his style of parenting, a father's presence (or his absence, as some would even argue) does have a unique way of influencing his child's upbringing, which has lifelong benefits. Here are top 5 reasons why dads should be more involved in childcare and parenting. 

    Your baby can be less fussy.
    A recent study showed that fathers who were more involved in taking care of their infants -- that is feeding, changing nappies, etc. -- lead to a lower chance of babies developing colic, which can cause a baby to cry for more than three hours. 

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    Your child can be smarter.
    A study found that babies whose fathers were more engaged and active when playing with them in their first months performed better in cognitive tests at 2 years of age. The more positive a dad's interactions were with their child, the more the child performed better in cognitive tests. 

    A four-decade study also showed that children whose fathers spent more quality time with them during their formative years -- that's between ages 0 to 5 -- had a higher intelligence quotient (IQ) than kids who received little attention from their dads. 

    You child can grow up more well behaved.
    A new study found that a dad's emotional attachment and strong bond with his child has the most significant effect on his child's behavior. Kids of emotionally-involved dads are also found to be less likely to suffer from behavioral problems in their tween years. 

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    Your child can be more successful. 
    A child of a hands-on dad are more likely to do better in school, have better social interactions, and are naturally curious and eager to learn. In short, kids they grow up taking risks and acquiring the necessary the skills they need to be successful in their chosen fields. 

    Your child will be happier.
    The Dutch, dubbed as the happiest people in the world, has what they call "papa dag" or regular daddy day. The kids, even young ones, spend the day with their dads, who take them to school, bring them along when doing errands, or play with them in the park, or just plain playing with them sans toys.

    It's also the reason why no matter your family setup, it would be better for the child to have overnights with his father (or a father figure in case the real dad is absent). Your child will reap nothing but an advantage. Remember, too, that the more time your child spends with Dad means having more time for yourself, Mom. 

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