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  • 6 Parenting Tips for Raising a Child with Character

    We'll show you how having an amazing childhood can help your kids develop character to be better persons in the future.
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  • Raising a child requires a great deal of attention, especially if you want him to grow up to be a good person with great character. Here are five guidelines that can help you pass on valuable life skills your children will need growing up, while still letting kids be kids:


    1. Don’t talk down to your child
    One trick is to kneel down and talk to your little one at eye level. He will less likely feel intimidated by your bigness. Children are more receptive to what you are saying when you don’t treat them like, well, children. Remember, they too are thinking and feeling individuals who are sensitive and vulnerable to people and their surroundings. 


    2. Learn something new everyday 
    “You’ll never know if you don’t try” is a saying most parents use to persuade their kids to try new stuff and learn from their experiences. Sign them up for nature camps and hands-on museum tours. Bring them to your neighborhood park or playground, or let them play at the beach (don’t forget the sunscreen!), or even take them along when you make a quick stop at the wet market. Keeping a kid’s hands and mind busy will help him physically and cognitively. Kids learn more in an immersive and fun environment—and learning should never stop, at any age.



    3. Encourage your child to ask questions
    Young kids are curious about the world around them, and you, Mom, are their first teachers. Asking them questions and encouraging them to do the same will develop their thinking skills and fuel their desire for discovery. Awaken in them a love for  learning by finding out the answers to their questions together—by doing home experiments or by playing pretend games. Above all, make it enjoyable for them. When kids remember these learning sessions as fun experiences, they will want to learn even more as grownups.


    4. Help your child forge meaningful relationships
    Storytelling is not only a great way to spark a child's creativity and imagination, but it also helps in teaching young kids about social skills. How to share with others, how to treat a new sibling, how to resolve a quarrel with a playmate—these topics have been discussed in beautiful, simple, and timeless stories that young kids can relate to. Real time spent with other kids is even better, so invite your child’s friends over to play and get messy, if need be. Don’t fret! Remember, your child mimics what he sees, and when he sees his parents displaying good social skills, he will learn to socialize and make friends too.


    5. Instill in your kids a positive outlook
    A positive approach to parenting includes raising your child in an environment that encourages exploration (by letting him get dirty digging for buried treasures in the garden), allows him to express himself freely (by allowing him to paint his heart out, even if it means having to clean up his mess afterward), and supports his passions (by supporting his pursuits in either the arts or sciences). Kids may want different things at different times, and that’s part of growing up. As long as it’s not going to harm them in any way, then let them give it a try.


    6. Teach them the value of being healthy early
    It’s better to start early when it comes to teaching your kids healthy eating habits. Kids acquire favorite tastes early on, and if you serve only healthy food—nothing too sweet or salty—then those are the ones that’ll stick with their taste buds as they grow up. A daily glass of milk also packs all the nutrients they need, with added protection to help your kids fend off illnesses, so you can spend less time worrying and your kids can spend more time having an amazing childhood.


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