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  • girl crying1. My toddler continues to thumbsuck and use a pacifier. Can this damage his teeth formation? How can I get him to stop?

    “There are some babies who really need pacifiers. These are babies who are really anxious. Anxious babies can’t self-soothe. Sucking is their way of soothing themselves,” explains Dr. Guerrero-Manalo. Eventually, it’s easy enough to take away the pacifier. As for your child’s thumb, there are liniments you can put on it to discourage your child from sucking it. Better get on with these steps as thumbsucking beyond one year of age may cause teeth malformation.

    2. My brothers like teasing my son, making him cry. Will this have a negative effect on his disposition?
    Rowie Juan-Matti, educator and president of the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, says, “Talk to your brothers about it. Don’t let it pass. What good do they get out of annoying someone?”
    Vanessa Cainghug, M.D., a child and adolescent psychiatrist and a fellow of the Philippine Psychiatric Association, adds that the constant teasing “might cause your child to be withdrawn, shy, and sensitive.

    On the positive side, it will teach him to better relate with people and to take teasing in stride.”   

    Talk to your child about the situation. Juan-Matti says, “The role of a parent is to prepare his child to face life on his own because you will not be there all the time to protect him. He should learn how to deal with different kinds of people.”

    3. Is it okay to use a child harness? My neighbors give us odd looks when I put my child in one, but it’s one sure way I can keep a hold of him.
    What you do to keep your child safe is your business. However, if you are concerned about appearances, then there are other options. You can always just carry him or use a stroller, suggests Dr. Guerrero-Manalo.



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