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  • 8 Hot and New Toys for Children Age 6 Months to 6 Years

    One of the hottest toys in 2017 is finally available in the Philippines.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
8 Hot and New Toys for Children Age 6 Months to 6 Years
  • Children of all ages benefit from play. Toys that can be manipulated support a baby's developing fine motor skills. Pretend play toys encourage a sense of wonder, feed the imagination, and allow your child to express her emotions. Toys that need more than one player boost social skills. Here are examples of these toys below: 


    Oball Store and Explore

    Ages 6 months+

    Oball Tubby Scoop Friends (Php499.75)

    Summer's nearly here! Your little one will have lots of fun splashing around with these bath toys. This Oball Tubby Scoop Friends set includes a water scooper whale, a sink-and-strain starfish, a paddle turtle, and an octopus that squirts. 

    Groove & Glow BeatBo
    Ages 6 months+

    Groove & Glow BeatBo (Php1,599.75)

    For little ones who love to bop with the beat, BeatBo makes a great companion. Press his tummy to watch him light up, make music, and sing songs. Don't be shy to dance along! His brightly colored plush exterior makes him a good cuddler, too. 

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    Sing-a-Song Med Kit
    Ages 6 months+

    Sing-a-Song Med Kit (Php1,499.75)

    Apart from a learning card that introduces body parts, this pretend play med kit lets your child sing along to songs and learn phrases that introduce letters, greetings, opposites, all with the press of a button. Accessories include a blood pressure cuff, a clicker stethoscope, and a teether that is shaped as an otoscope, a device doctors use to look into ears (a toy with a sense of humor).  

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    Doodle Pro Clip 
    Ages 3+

    Doodle Pro Clip (Php699.75)

    Instead of an electronic gadget for your toddler, how about letting him play with the Doodle Pro Clip, a classic toy for solo play that develops his imagination. It's a drawing board that's designed for travel with a clip that attaches to bag or backpack. The pen is tethered to the Doodle Pro Clip so it won't get lost.

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    Dicki Toys Fire Engine Push and Play
    Ages 3+

    Dickie Toys Fire Engine Push and Play (Php1,499.75 )

    It's got everything for your child to play fireman! This two-in-one toy doubles as a fire truck toy vehicle with lights and sounds and a case to hold fireman equipment. It includes an official fireman badge, a fire extinguisher that squirts water, a child-friendly emergency fireman's axe, binoculars, a mock walkie-talkie, whistle, and a flashlight. 


    Ages 5+

    Fingerlings (Php1,299.75)

    The hottest of Christmas toy of 2017 is finally here. Fingerlings are small toy creatures that respond to a child’s playing. It babbles, sings, sleeps, and farts! Part of this toy's charm is they're like mini, clingy pets that your child can take around.

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    Pikmi Pops
    Ages  5+

    Pikmi Pops Large Pack (Php1,499.75)

    This toy from the makers of Shopkins has the potential to be your kiddo's newest obsession. Every Pikmi Pop comes with several collectible surprises inside. The small variation includes two scented collectible mini plushies and an assortment of three Pikmi prizes. The large variation includes one jumbo scented Pikmi plush and one to three Pikmi charms hidden inside a secret pocket. 

    Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots
    Ages 6+

    Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots (Php699.75)

    Remember these? The Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots are back in their classic yellow boxing ring. Players control their robots to see who can knock out their opponent first. Get the whole family playing, and see who will come out as champion. 

    Prices are based on published rates at online store Kids Company. 

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