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  • Toddler Emergencies: Jellyfish Sting, Broken Arm

    Find out what to do in case your toddler gets a jellyfish sting or a broken arm.
  • Here are some common toddler emergencies that you may encounter.


    1. While wading at the beach, your child gets stung by a jellyfish.
    jellyfishQUICK THINKING: Pour white vinegar over the affected area, or soak a small towel with vinegar
    then dab continuously. Seawater also helps. Stephanie Tan, R.N., nurse at The Medical City in Pasig explains, “Acid will help decrease the pain of the sting.” It neutralizes the stinging cells faster. Bring your child to the hospital as soon as you can, for observation and immediate medical attention, advises Arsenio Meru, Jr., M.D., doctor of internal medicine at United Doctors Medical Center in Manila. Remember to observe your child for signs of anaphylaxis, such as difficulty in breathing. You may have heard the myth about how urine helps heal jellyfish sting. “Please, don’t even think about it,” says Tan. “Studies show that it actually does nothing to treat the wound. “Don’t reach for rubbing alcohol either; it will only make the wound even more painful, says Dr. Meru.


    SAFETY ALERT! Check the swimming (and wading) area first, before letting your little one in.
    However, you really can’t be sure the water is jellyfish-free, so don’t be too far away from your child as he plays in the water.


    2. Your active preschooler falls down, and you suspect that he broke his arm.

    QUICK THINKING: “Try not to move his arm as much as you can,” advises Tan. Tie a sling around the injured arm (cut or rip a blanket for your makeshift sling) to support it, until proper medical attention is given. Take your child to the ER immediately; an X-ray of the arm is  imperative, Dr. Meru adds.

    SAFETY ALERT! Active as he is, you can’t stop your child from having fun, which means running,
    climbing, or even engaging in rough play. You can only give him repeated reminders and  warnings on what may happen if he’s not careful. Keep an eye on him if you know your child to be over-active and audacious.


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    - Arsenio Meru, Jr., M.D., doctor of internal medicine, United Doctors Medical Center, Espana, Manila

    - Stephanie Tan, R.N., nurse, The Medical City, Pasig City

    - Giselle Elgincolin, school director, Creative Explorers School for Children, Quezon City


    Photo from sxc.hu

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