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  • Toddler Head Lice: Myths and Treatment

    Get the facts when it comes to your toddler’s head lice and get step-by-step advice on what to do and how to remove head lice from your child’s hair.
    by Rowena Espiritu .
  • head liceContrary to popular belief, summer heat has nothing to do with head lice outbreak, stresses Patricia Pelingo, M. D., a pediatrician at the Manila East Medical Center. “It is just more rampant with kids during summer because during these months, kids spend more time with their friends. So they have more direct contact with other kids, which is am primary cause of head lice transfer,” Dr. Pelingo explains. If your child is incessantly scratching her head, this should tip you off. Dr. Pelingo suggests immedietly checking your child’s head for this nits and lice.


    Myths vs. Facts

    Myth 1: I should shave or cut my child’s hair if infested with lice.

    Fact: Drastically cutting or completely shaving off your child’s hair may only be embarrassing, especially because she has to explain to playmates why she’s suddenly short-haired or, worse, bald. Many believe that lice only infest long hair-but the fact is lice do not have specific hair length preference. However, shorter hair may make the treatment more manageable.



    Myth 2: I should do a general house cleaning to get rid of lice.

    Fact: Kids get lice through direct contact, not because of a messy be passed on through towels, pillows, beddings, etc. So do wash clothing and beddings used by the infested person in the two-day period just before treatment is started.


    Myth 3: Gasoline or kerosene is an effective head lice killers.

    Fact: The fumes of kerosene and gasoline are hazards to lice—AND TO YOUR CHILD, AS WELL. These should be never be used on any part of a child’s body


    Click here to read on about guidelines when treating head lice.

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