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3 Huge Benefits Daughters Get From Having a Hands-on Dad
  • We don't need science to tell us that it takes a considerable amount of effort and will for dads to say no to their daughters. Dads almost always (when mom isn't looking, right, dads?) end up giving in to his little girl's wishes. It's a unique bond that dads should use to nurture a strong relationship that will last until their daughters are grown.

    Studies have shown that fathers have more influence in their daughters' lives more than their mothers, reports Peace Quarters. Of course, that's not to dismiss a mother's influence in her daughter's life. But a father who is a constant and reliable presence — who shares the parenting duties with his wife — can be a huge factor in a little girl's success later on in life. 

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    What are the benefits of having an involved and hands-on father?

    #1 Girls who have a stable relationship with their dads are more likely to be mentally fit.
    They become more resilient in dealing with setbacks and challenges, compared to girls with absentee fathers. They are less likely to develop anxiety and depression, according to a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology

    #2 Girls who have a good bond with their dads are more likely have fulfilling relationships.
    When dads and daughters are close, girls can learn to be comfortable talking and opening up about their feelings even with the opposite sex. It's with their fathers that they see how men act, whats acceptable and what's not. 

    #3 Dads help shape their daughters develop a positive self-image.
    Fathers can help their little ladies build self-respect, a strong self-esteem, and confidence — both huge factors in a person success — and take control of their lives. It's with their dads that young girls learn to stand up for themselves in a world that is still mostly male-dominated. 

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    Note that it only works when dads develop a good relationship with their daughters — and there's no better time to start laying that foundation but from the very beginning. It's one of the many reasons why dads should be involved in the birthing process and even as early as pregnancy. 

    Fathers have come a long way from just bringing home the bacon and not minding the kids at all or even changing one diaper. Parenting today offers lots of chances for dads to be involved.  

    So it's your job, moms, to let your spouses, partners, and even exes to try to make a difference in their daughter's life (and makes your life easier, too!) Guide and help your children's dad. Your little girl looks up to you as a role model for handling relationships and hardships as well.

    What other parents are reading

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