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  • Divine Lee Gets a Scare After Son Baz Experienced Leg Pain and Difficulty Walking

    Who knew toddlers can have leg cramps that may hinder their ability to walk for a few minutes?
    by Rachel Perez .
Divine Lee Gets a Scare After Son Baz Experienced Leg Pain and Difficulty Walking
PHOTO BY Instagram/@divinemlee
  • With the sudden re-emergence of polio and other vaccine-preventable illnesses, parents can never be too careful when it comes to their children’s health and safety.

    Divine Lee-Go, who just welcomed her second child (see her newborn daughter Blanca here!), didn’t know at first what happened to her firstborn, Baz. Yesterday, September 30, 2019, the model / mompreneur and husband Blake Go rushed their son to the hospital after she got home from a prenatal checkup.

    “He suddenly has pain while walking. After a few steps, he falls,” the new mom of two wrote in her Instagram Stories. In less than five minutes, the family was on their way to the hospital and in communication with Baz’s pediatrician.

    Baz felt pain while walking and falls after just taking a few steps. This was reason enough for Divine and Blake Go to rush to the hospital and get him checked ASAP.
    PHOTO BY screenshots from @divinemlee/Instagram Stories

    When the pediatrician checked on Baz, it turned out that the toddler had a leg cramp. One of his calves, the “painful” one, was tensed and stiff compared to the other. “Matigas yung muscle,” as Divine described it. The doctor prescribed for Baz to eat bananas and drink some Gatorade, as well as a pain killer and muscle relaxant in case the cramps do not subside right away. Thankfully, the boy didn’t need the meds.

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    “Kids can get cramps pala? LOL,” Divine quipped. The new mom of two found it funny after, but she’s also extremely grateful her son is okay. “Grabe yung takot ko,” Divine said. She also shared with fellow parents her two cents when faced with an emergency health situation, especially one that involves kids.

    Divine advised other moms to consult a doctor when it comes to their child's health and not to wait for answers via social media groups.
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @divinemlee/Instagram Stories
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    “Call your doctor or rush to the clinic. Wag mag social media,” Divine stressed. She shared that she sees some moms in emergency situations waiting for an answer thru social media. “Rush! Don’t wait for answers. Call your doctor,” she added.

    Muscle cramps in young kids

    A muscle cramp is when a muscle in the body tenses or stiffens up. It can happen suddenly and without warning, causing the child pain and discomfort. It can also cause the child to be unable to use the affected muscle temporarily until the cramps subside, according to About Kids Health, a health education resource for children and youth in Canada.

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    An episode of cramping can last between one and 15 minutes and can be painful even after the muscles had relaxed. It’s typically caused by strained muscles due to overusing them by walking, running, or jumping too much, and holding a position for too long. Dehydration and being overweight can also cause muscles to cramp.


    Treatment usually involves stretching (ask the child to straighten and flex his foot) and massaging the muscle as well as alternating cold and warm compress. The pediatrician may also prescribe a pain reliever and muscle relaxant to help ease the discomfort.

    It’s not exactly an emergency situation, but muscle cramps in children still warrant a consultation with a pediatrician. If your child gets cramps often, wake him from his sleep. If it doesn’t go away as quickly as expected, it might be a symptom of a more serious condition.

    Have you heard about growing pains in children? Read more about it here.

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