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Erwan Keeps His Workaholic Ways In Check Now That He's A Dad, Makes Sure To Step Away From Desk
  • Two-year-old Dahlia Amélie is one lucky kid to be growing up with a dad like Erwan Heussaff who, being a chef, has been showing her how to cook and bake.

    In fact, based on Erwan's recent Instagram post, cooking is now one of Dahlia's favorite activities—so much so her actress-mom Anne Curtis once commented her daughter most likely would turn out to be a better cook than she could ever be.

    Talking to PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interview via e-mail, Erwan informs that learning how to cook can help kids develop a variety of good skills.

    The Lazada Philippines' LazLive+ ambassador says, "Dahlia, like any kid, is very tactical. They love to learn through touch, sight, and sounds."

    Elaborating, Erwan explains the process, "Cooking is something that I personally got into because you get to use all your senses.

    "It is something that is therapeutic and it makes you focus on things really well.

    "For kids, it’s a natural point of interest to them and as they grow older.

    "They realize that what they were mixing, making, and putting in the oven is eventually what they’re eating.

    "I think they get a sense of pride in making cookies and other things like that."


    Lesson No. 1 for Dahlia is not to be a picky eater, a point important to her 35-year-old celebrity dad.

    Erwan says, "I also thought it was important from a very young age for her to understand food so that she knows not to waste it and appreciate it.

    "A lot of kids seem to be grossed out by certain things or become picky with food.

    "I think it’s because they don’t necessarily understand how it’s put together.

    "If they’re part of this process, like chopping, steaming, boiling, searing, and cooking, all these sights and sounds are fun for them.

    "I think they will be able to appreciate the flavor of the food that they’re eating whether they end up liking it or not."

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    Erwan as a father

    A workaholic by his own admission, Erwan says maintaining work-family life balance is the most challenging part of being a father. Not that he's buckling down.

    watch now

    "Life as a father has been really challenging but also amazing. I think I realized that I’m a workaholic.

    "Having Dahlia is really great because it balances that side of myself in making sure that I consciously make the decision to step away from work and the desk to make sure I spend time with Dahlia.

    "I put as much effort in work as before, but I am just a bit more efficient at it now so I can make sure that I can spend as much time as possible with Dahlia."

    The interview ends with Erwan rah-rahing, "I think they say that from 0-4 is precious growth years for kids and it’s something that you’ll never be able to experience again.

    "That’s why I’m conscious in making sure that until she’s 4 or 5, I’m dedicating more than half of my time to her to make sure that I’m really getting to know her, teaching her the right things and making sure that she ends up being the best absolute person she can be."


    This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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