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  • Are Eggs Good for Your Toddler? 4 Things to Remember About His Diet

    We want our kids healthy. It means teaching them healthy habits while young.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
Are Eggs Good for Your Toddler? 4 Things to Remember About His Diet
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  • Eating habits are formed in the early years. Thus, when we serve food on the table, we're really teaching our kids to make good choices at mealtimes, and, hopefully set them up for healthy living. When thinking of what to give your child to support his growth and development, remember these:  

    Eggs are good for kids — but limit them to 3x a week.

    Eggs are very nutritious but, as with most things, should not be served in excess. Besides, we already eat many other food items that contain eggs (cakes, noodles, mayonnaise, salad dressing). Having fried eggs two to three times a week is okay. Prepare cooked (rather than runny) yolks to reduce bacterial contamination. Don’t serve kids under the age of 2 any raw or undercooked egg; the yolk and the white should be firm. 

    Lunch or dinner are not substitutes for breakfast.

    If you're wondering whether your child still needs a full breakfast if he eats plenty during lunch and dinner, the answer is yes, says Dr. Sunil Sazawal, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D., associate professor, at Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University. Breakfast sets the nutritional mode of an individual for the rest of the day. After eight hours of sleep and having no food intake at all, blood sugar level drops, hence, depriving the brain of fuel. It then leaves neurochemicals out of balance. 

    If a child doesn’t refuel with a healthy breakfast, it will leave him cranky and unable to concentrate on his tasks. If kids skip breakfast, they are more likely to crave sugar the rest of the day, which eventually leads to erratic eating habits. Your child probably eats a lot during lunch precisely because of hunger carried on from having had no breakfast in the morning. The best breakfast contains a balance of complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and a bit of healthy fat (especially omega-3s). This combination allows for the slow release of sugar into the bloodstream, providing energy all morning long. 

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    When choosing snacks for kids, pizza > grilled cheese, and popcorn beats chips.

    Cheese pizza and grilled cheese both have the same fat content, although kids usually prefer pizza. The good thing is that they will benefit from the tomatoes in the pizza sauce, says Dr. Aurora Feliciano-Bauzon, a professor of pediatrics at the University of SantoTomas (UST) Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. Meanwhile, while both popcorn and chips use fat in their preparation, chips are usually saltier. In this case, popcorn would be the better option because the amount of salt can be controlled. And in a choice between bananas and oranges, while both are good sources of vitamins and potassium, bananas of the latundan variety can cause constipation. If your child is constipated, give him oranges instead.

    Childhood obesity is not about how much you eat, but what you eat.

    Serve limited quantities of highly caloric foods, like macaroni and cheese, and butter at mealtimes. Instead, fill up your dining table with extra helpings of fruits and vegetables.

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