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  • Here's Proof Family Photos Are Always More 'Exciting' with Toddlers Around

    These photos speak a thousand words (and we can't cover their mouths!)
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Here's Proof Family Photos Are Always More 'Exciting' with Toddlers Around
PHOTO BY @nichelifestyle/instagram
  • Last month, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, wife Sophie and kids Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien took a week-long trip to India for a state visit. 

    With the purpose of strengthening bonds between the two countries, there were serious matters to attend to like signing business deals and meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and more fun things to do like pose with Bollywood stars.

    And through it all, 3-year-old Hadrien, the youngest child, reaffirmed what every parent already knows all too well… toddlers will be toddlers no matter where they are or what the rest of the family is doing. 

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    The photos from the trip say it all. With the rest of the family posing for the camera, whether giving a smile or looking stately while handling official business, Hadrien is unabashedly doing his own thing. He’s covering his face with his hat, throwing the decorations in the air, just lying on the ground, and...


    ...refusing to smile in a photo with the chief executive of the Government of India. Why? Because a toddler does what a toddler wants!

    No matter how important or famous you become, when you’re a parent, you deal with every day, typical parent problems, like “ruined” photos because your toddler can’t get it together even for a few seconds for the camera. It’s just how it is.

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    To help you feel better about your “made-more-exciting” family photos courtesy of your funny-face-pulling tot, here are snaps from celeb parents that have turned out to be a different sort of perfect (a.k.a. the funny and endearing kind): 

    Maybe Scarlet Snow just isn't feeling like purple is her color the day this photo was taken. Mom Vicki Belo and dad Hayden Kho seem to be happy with their red and green though!

    watch now

    Even if you tell them you're about to take a photo together, a snap like Jennica Garcia's still happens! Are toddlers ever photo-ready? Very adorable funny face Mori!

    We can't all have great family travel photos! Mom Judy Ann Santos and dad Ryan Agoncillo took the kids to The Happiest Place on Earth. It looks like one little family member didn't want to waste any time taking photos when she could've been going on the rides! Cutie Luna!

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    Classic toddler moves! One child isn't even facing the camera and the other is pulling the "I'm sick of this place!" face. We love LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag's kids for being their funny selves in photos! Check out a few of their travel snaps below (swipe right on each one!). 

    You can make them stand for a family photo but there's no guarantee they'll smile for it. Patrice, daughter of Patrick Garcia and Nikka Martinez, likes to be makulit in pictures and we bet she's even more adorable in real life!


    Keep making memories and taking (funny) photos, parents!

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