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  • Help Your Child Get Dressed Faster in the Morning With This Hide-and-Seek Game!

    Make your toddler’s morning routine more fun with the help of this simple game.
    by Kate Borbon .
Help Your Child Get Dressed Faster in the Morning With This Hide-and-Seek Game!
  • Toddlers around the globe seem united to move slowly (or at least not as fast we want) each morning, especially when they need to get dressed for school or daycare. If this is something you face every day, here’s something you can do. An article on Fatherly illustrates a fun way to speed up your toddler’s morning routine, using a game that all kids enjoy — and it’s called the ‘Get Dressed Hide & Seek’ game. Here’s how it works.

    1. Prepare your child’s clothes

    This depends on whether you are the one selecting the outfits your child wears or if he is already old enough to pick his own clothes. If your child is younger and still depends on your fashion choices, take out the clothes he will be wearing for the day — including underwear, socks, and even footwear — then lay them out on the bed or on the floor. If your child is already able to put together outfits on his own, just take him to his room.

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    2. Teach your little one the mechanics of the game

    Once you are both in the room, inform him that you will be hiding somewhere in the house and that before he can go and find you, he has to put on his outfit as fast as he can. You may also want to include counting in your game: Once he is done dressing, he can start counting to five before he comes out of his room, to signal that he is about to go and find you.

    3. Find a good hiding spot

    Once he understands how the game works, leave the room, close the door, and find a good hiding spot. Easy!

    Things can be a bit different if your child still has trouble putting clothes on by himself — maybe he’s not yet able to pull his pants all the way up, or perhaps he finds it difficult to figure out which hole in his shirt to put his head and arms through. If this is the case with your little one, choose a hiding spot that’s nearby and wait for your child to give a sign that he needs your help.

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    Why hide-and-seek is good for your child

    Aside from shaving some valuable minutes from your morning routine and letting your child start his day in a fun way, this game also offers valuable physical benefits to your child. For one, playing hide-and-seek can aid in building his stamina and his muscle development, as well as improve his balance, coordination, and motor skills.

    Your little one will learn essential values through the ‘Get Dressed Hide & Seek’ game, including self-reliance and decision-making, especially if you let him select what clothes he will be wearing for that day. Finally, you get to have a couple of quiet minutes to yourself — and isn’t that what all parents want?

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