How to be Camera-Ready, According to Scarlet Snow

Learn how to be a Belo Baby from Scarlet herself!

It's always hard to resist taking photos of your baby, especially since virtually everything they do is cute. Take Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, for example—they love taking photos of their two-year-old daughter Scarlet. Their little bundle of joy has over two million followers on her social media accounts and has appeared in several Belo Baby ads.

She even has a few tips on how to be camera-ready like her! Watch this:

This smart, cute, and talented little wonder became camera-ready by using Belo Baby products. In fact, any baby can do it!

To keep your baby clean and smelling fresh throughout the day, always bring Belo Baby Wipes and Belo Baby Cologne with you. You can also use Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder to make them and kissable until they go to bed!

Now that they're clean, cute, and huggable, here are a few more tips on how to take photos of your kids: 

Find the right timing.

Take photos of your baby after a nice long nap or a refreshing bath. Look for the moments when they're in the mood to play and interact. Playtime is also a great time to take photos—snap away while they're having fun with their toys and playing with their friends.

Use good lighting.

Good lighting will go a long way in capturing that beautiful action shot. Take photos early in the morning, when the sun is bright but not harsh on the skin. You can also take photos late in the afternoon if you prefer shots with soft light and shadows.

Prepare for the unexpected.

Sometimes kids do (and say) hilarious and cute things when you least expect them. Always be ready to capture those candid moments. You don't always have to ask your kids to pose—the best shots are always unplanned.

Make them laugh.

It's easier to make kids laugh than to ask them to smile—it looks more natural anyway! Plus, your album will look more fun when your kids are being goofy. 

Practice Scarlet's cute and adorable baby poses with your kids and share their photos here!

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