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  • With the kids at home 24/7, parents must have been bombarded with several questions from their little ones about what's happening in the country and across the globe. For sure you've had to answer at least one of these lines: "Why can't I go to school? "Why can't I play with my friends?" "I'm tired of washing my hands!" "I don't want to wear a mask!"  

    Isabelle Daza, who has a degree in early education, wrote a children's story to try and explain why everyone is ordered to stay home and all the essential facts about COVID-19 to her 2-year-old son Baltie Semblat

    "So I created a story to help explain to my son what is going on with the current COVID-19 pandemic," the first-time mom wrote on Instagram yesterday, April 20, 2020. 

    The animated book, as Isabelle called it, is entitled Tralala The Tiger. It's about Tralala and her friends Ellie the Elephant, Jerry the Giraffe, and Frankie the Fox who are enjoying school, naps, and trips to the playground until they were told to stay home because of COVID-19.

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    Isabelle's book talked about the importance of staying home, washing hands, wearing a mask, and not touching the face.

    In the story, Isabelle answered children's questions in words they can best understand. Parents can use these lines when explaining COVID-19 to their children. 

    On being under home quarantine: "Mama Tiger and Papa Tiger explained that there is something unsafe outside called the coronavirus," the actress said in the voiceover as Mama Tiger. Isabelle also discussed symptoms of COVID-19 and how it can be spread from person to person.

    "We must stay indoors and away from our friends and family members to help stop the virus from spreading," she added. She also stressed that following the rules right now and doing our part is already a huge help. 

    Ellie the Elephant's mom reminds her to always wash her hands with soap and water to "kill the virus," so nobody gets sick.

    It's safer to leave the kids home when going to the grocery. Jerry the Giraffe's mom told him that anyone going out should wear a mask and keep his hands clean at all times and avoid touching his face when going out to buy fruits in the store.

    "Because the coronavirus can transfer from surfaces you touch and enter your body if you touch your eyes, ears, mouth, or nose, we have to avoid touching our face when we're outside of the house and especially if we haven't washed our hands or used alcohol." Isabelle, as Mama Giraffe, said. 

    Frankie the Fox's mom reassured him that physical distancing is just temporary and that he can still keep in touch with his friends through video calls. 

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    Isabelle thanked everyone who helped animate her book, Tralala The Tiger. Multimedia artist Tristan Yapchiongco for doing the video, illustrator Jewel Art's Space, Joe Daza Puyat for the music, and Billie Puyat Murga for the facts. 

    Watch until the end, as Isabelle's son, Baltie, has a special participation. The English version is below. There's a Filipino version, too, translated by Nina Daza PuyatA French version will also be out soon!

    For the latest COVID-19 cases, check out our reportr COVID-19 case tracker link.

    For the latest news and updates on COVID-19, check out reportr.world/covid-19.

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