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  • 9 Baby and Mom Items Worth Buying (Not Just Because They're Cute)

    Yes, these products are pretty and cool, but they're also useful. You're also helping Filipino entrepreneurs!
    by Din Real Bautista .
9 Baby and Mom Items Worth Buying (Not Just Because They're Cute)
PHOTO BY @littlestoriesph and @poshdollies via Instagram
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  • I think many moms will agree with me when I say it's hard to resist to get whatever cute and helpful stuff we see either in the mall or online! It’s like everything we see becomes a need than a want just because we know it’s going to look cute on our little one (guilty mom here).

    This list of locally-made products, however, are not only pretty, but they are also handy. Now that's a win-win situation, right?

    Crochet costumes from Posh Dollies

    Beanies start at Php350; beanies and diaper cover, Php 600; costume, Php 800 (prices vary depending on size and style)

    Tina Relator, the owner of Posh Dollies and a mother to 2 girls, didn’t initially think of putting up crocheting business until one day while checking Pinterest for cute beanies they can use for a trip abroad, she realized she can make and sell them here. She started posting her designs, added some costumes later on, and it clicked! Thanks to her team of stay-at-home moms, Rose, Owen, Jubel, Catherine, Hazel, and other part-timers, Posh Dollies get to deliver functional and quality products!

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    Fidget boards from The Rainbow Unicorn MNL

    Starts at Php1,250; fidget block starts at Php850

    Mikaela Ordonez, the owner of The Rainbow Unicorn MNL, is a preschool and elementary teacher who wants to teach and promote gadget-free play. “My son was diagnosed with autism, so I am always in the search for ways to make my son and students play without depending on an iPad or a mobile phone. An analog play is what I aim for that can be both a learning experience and fun-filled at the same time.” The Rainbow Unicorn MNL, the first fidget block creator in the Philippines, also offers busy books and busy bags.

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    Busy Books from Bright Little Minds

    Starts at Php 750

    Fara Margaret Pascual says her firstborn, Jaren Clarence, was the inspiration behind Bright Little Minds. "We wanted to come up with the best and right toy/book for him. It has been a matter of combining fun and learning for our baby, and the result has been encouraging for us.” Her made-to-order busy books are personalized based on parents’ requests. The company has a list of activities that parents can choose from, and they also let the parents suggest what they want for their kids to learn. “Labor of love begets love for the products. We make sure that all the requests of the moms for their babies are noted and executed.”

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    Classic and vintage hair pieces from Little Stories

    Classic bows start at Php70 per piece and Php 120 per set (prices vary per style)

    Tiffany Santos-Canseco, the owner and a Smart Parenting contributing writer, wanted to veer away from the "traditional pink hair accessory" for her daughter Kina. With the help of her mom, she has created ribbons and headbands that will never go out of style, something we all want our little girls to have! "I wanted to make accessories, and (soon) apparel that I know will last, that can grow with babies. That why I called it Little Stories.”

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    Toddler shoes by Dapper Tod

    Start at Php1,850

    Buddy Tan, the dad behind Dapper Tod, already runs a made-to-measure shoe for adults (@blackwingshoes). Dapper Tod is a result of shoe shopping for his son — he didn’t like the style and material that were sold in malls. “All shoes are handcrafted by local artisans using locally produced materials as much as possible. Parents who love to style their sons would love to check Dapper Tod’s creations as it’s very unique made comfortable for kids, and most of all, 'Marikina-made' – definitely durable."

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    Letter crayons by KaieaCreative

    Starts at Php15 per letter; starter packs for party packages start at Php65

    The mom behind this shop, Karla Rubio, started Kaiea Creative in 2014 as a necessity because she was worried about her daughter spending too much time on gadgets instead of the regular art and crafts. “I thought of a way to introduce coloring using interesting tools, so I recycled her old crayons and molded them into different shapes. She loved them, so I thought of offering it to others who have the same dilemma as I do.”

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    Keepsakes by Tots Window

    Start at Php950 (prices vary per style and materials to be used) 

    Cristina G. Fontanilla wanted a keepsake a year into her breastfeeding journey. “Breastfeeding was not easy, but we survived because my husband and I decided that only human milk will be given to our child.” While searching online, she found a page that makes jewelry with breast milk, and she instantly loved the idea. But the steep price prompted her husband to encourage her to make one herself. Her collection focuses but not limited to preserved breast milk alone. "We can also use hair, nails, umbilical cord and turn it into lovely jewelry."

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    Subtle Touch from Coco Haven

    Subtle Touch Body Wash and Shampoo start at Php180 for 100ml

    The business began with Yanyan Bonifacio’s parents in 2003. “We started producing virgin coconut oil (VCO) using no heat, and my Dad thought of doing personal care products with VCO.” After her parents decided to teach farmers to produce VCO, Yanyan started using the baby care products her parents formulated with VCO for her daughter and saw how effective it was. “Every single product hand-mixed, hand-poured and labeled with pure love.”

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    Bibdanas from Happy Butt Nappies By Kayin

    Php50 each

    Jellene Anne Ducay-Requilman was not happy with the bibdanas she bought from the mall, so she thought of making one that satisfied her criteria: quality, affordability, and size. It turned out bibdanas sold more than her former business of cloth diapers, so she focused on it and made sure they deliver quality products at a very affordable price. Thanks to her and her moms' efforts in crafting and sewing, our babies and toddlers can have a lot of cute bibdanas without spending too much.

    Din Real Bautista is a proud full-time homemaker. Most of the time, she’s busy raising a kind-hearted and strong human being named Monica with the help of the most amazing husband, Beejay. And the rest of her time, she’s making sure her life is better outside social media.

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