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  • These 4 Places In a Mall Is Where Accidents Usually Happen (Keep Safe)

    While you're enjoying your holiday stroll, don't take safety for granted.
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
These 4 Places In a Mall Is Where Accidents Usually Happen (Keep Safe)
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  • Times may be hard, but, ingenious that Pinoys are, we have found a "national pasttime" that does not necessarily involve spending a lot of money: malling. With larger-than-life Christmas displays on full blast in most shopping centers, it's easy to while away the time while escaping the heat and keeping yourself entertained.

    However, even with safety precautions in place at these malls, they are not foolproof, and certainly not kid-proof! If you're planning to go out with your children to shop or visit these establishments during the busy holiday season, here are some things to watch out for. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry!

    Inside the mall: Escalators and elevators

    While they make moving around convenient, these are where many mishaps happen while inside a mall. Kids' playful and active nature draws them to these moving mechanisms, and it's quite common to see them running up and down an escalator, or pushing the floor buttons in an elevator even as people are still trying to get in or out. 

    The danger: One unguarded moment could easily cause an active child to trip on the steps of a moving escalator, or get caught between closing elevator door. 

    Keep safe: Do not allow your small kids to treat the escalator like a play area. Besides the risk of hurting themselves, be considerate of other mall-goers too. If you have a stroller, consider taking the elevator instead of the escalator, unless you have someone to help you carry it.

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    At the supermarket: Use of shopping carts


    Shopping carts are designed for the convenience of shoppers in carrying their purchases. The wheels make them mobile but unstable, which is why they should only be used for this purpose.

    The danger: Despite warnings, it is still common to see children riding the shopping carts while being pushed by their adult companions. Some kids even play with them like toy cars and run along the aisles trying to "outrace" each other.

    Keep safe: Shopping carts have wheels but are not equipped with brakes—one wrong move and the child in it could tumble and fall to the ground. Heed the warnings—don't let kids ride in them. 

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    Mall vicinity: Crossing the road

    It's easy to assume that the roads in between mall buildings are safe. After all, they are within the mall complex, right? Wrong. 

    The danger: A distracted driver who takes his eyes off the road for a few seconds is all it takes for an accident to happen. 

    Keep safe: Always use the pedestrian lane when crossing the road. Be alert at all times, and be aware of your surroundings—that includes avoiding the use of earphones while walking outside.

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    At the parking lot

    With the sheer volume of cars going in and out of parking lots, the line to get a slot is in itself a long queue. Malls have added more parking slots through multi-level parking systems, but if you arrive later in the day, there's going to be some waiting time before you could park.

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    The danger: Cars that do not observe the speed limit could cause harm to pedestrians. The enclosed space could also be a potential hazard if it is not well-ventilated.

    Keep safe: If you're driving, be cautious and stay within the speed limit at all times. Once parked, avoid lingering and be aware of your surroundings at all times while walking to the mall. Make sure that car doors are locked (and that you remember where you parked your car). Never stay inside the car with the engine running—carbon monoxide inhalation could be fatal.   

    Everyone is bound to be busy and distracted with the coming holidays, but safety should never be taken for granted. Heed these tips and have yourself a merry and accident-free season!

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