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  • 15 No-Tech Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy

    Make precious memories with your family with these fun activities
    by Kate Borbon .
15 No-Tech Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy
  • In today's society, everyone—even young children—has become immersed in their phones, tablets and other electronic devices. It has come to a point where it appears difficult to spend even a short period of time without using gadgets at all.

    Especially for parents, this dilemma may be very real. Some might even think that there’s no more point in trying to take kids away from their gadgets. But if one of your goals for 2019 is to do more non-tech-related activities with your kids, there are plenty of things you can do. All of these activities will not only help reduce your family’s usage of electronics; it will also guarantee lots of fun for everyone!


    For foodie parents out there, one great way to share your love for food to your little ones is by allowing them to help you out in cooking. Start out with basic dishes like homemade pizzas and cupcakes. You not only get to spend some quality time for your kids while cooking and eating; you also help teach them kitchen skills that they will be able to use as they grow older.

    Pinoy games

    You don’t have to leave the house to have fun with your family. Spark your creativity by playing games at home—perhaps board games or traditional Pinoy events like patintero, tumbang preso, sipa, and langit lupa. You can even make up your own games for the family!

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    Movie marathon

    For cozy days when you don’t feel like going out, movie marathons are a sure-fire way to maximize your time at home. You don’t have to settle for just animated flicks or Disney films; add to your list of movies films that adults can also enjoy but are still appropriate for kids, such as family dramas and documentaries.


    Bike rides

    One great way to squeeze exercise, sightseeing, and having fun into one activity is by going biking. While your kids use their own bikes, you and your partner might want to try using a tandem bike for extra enjoyment. You're all bound to have fun!

    Kite flying

    Who said kite flying was a thing of the past? According to an article on the Rhythms of Play website, flying kites has plenty of great benefits, as well as opportunities for learning: aside from improving kids’ hand-eye coordination and motor skills, it is also a good chance for them to learn about science, nature, and even the weather.

    While there are plenty of ready-made kites you can buy, you can also make kite flying an even more memorable event by making the kites yourselves. This is a great chance to encourage your child’s creativity!


    Take the chance to explore your city with your kids by going on a tour. You can visit local establishments like museums, landmarks, and zoos, or maybe just take the chance to walk around and learn about the history and culture surrounding you.

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    What better way to enjoy a sunny day than by having a picnic? Have your kids help you prepare finger food like mini-sandwiches, cookies, and chips, as well as picnic essentials like blankets, baskets, trash bags, and tissues. You can even bring board games to play while you’re out.

    It’s not just public parks you can have your family picnic in—if you have a garden or a lawn right in your home, that can also be a great place to relax! You won’t have to worry about driving a long distance or finding ample space for you to set up in.

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    General cleaning

    Yes, you read that right! Even at a young age, it’s important that kids learn the importance of keeping themselves and their home clean. Although the kids won't readily agree, a great way to teach them those lessons is by getting them involved in cleaning your house. If your kids use separate bedrooms, demonstrate to them how to store their belongings properly, how to make their beds, and how put things back where they belong after using them. You can also start explaining to them how to do basic chores like sweeping the floor and washing the dishes.

    This article has some great tips on how cleaning the home can be a fun activity for your kids.


    Do you have an outdoorsy family that’s not afraid of a little adventure? If so, you might want to try going hiking. There are plenty of places in our country with great hiking trails that your family can go to, such as Mt. Makiling in Laguna, Mt. Batulao in Batangas, and the Masungi Georeserve in Rizal.

    Don’t be intimidated by the whole idea of bringing your kids along on a very physical activity. The National Recreation and Park Association names five different reasons why hiking with kids is a great idea: besides being a good form of exercise, hiking also allows them to build their self-confidence, exposes them to nature, teaches them to learn to care for the environment, and is a great way to take time away from the busyness of everyday life.



    Another fun activity for outdoorsy families is camping. This Tripzilla article cites several different benefits that camping can give families, not just kids, such as enjoying nature, learning outdoor skills like pitching tents and living without electronics, meeting new people, and making new memories with one another.


    As young as they are, take the kids with you to volunteer for a certain cause that you care for. By doing so, you teach them to have a greater sense of social responsibility and to be more compassionate and appreciative of the blessings they have. According to this article from Kids Giving Back, volunteering is a great way for children to be immersed in the realities of life, and a good opportunity for them to learn how to help others in whatever way they can. Volunteering can also teach kids important values such as respect, compassion, responsibility, and community.

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    Watch a sports event

    If you or your partner are sports fans, use sports matches as a chance to spend some time together as a family. You don’t have to splurge on expensive tickets or get in line for live games that everybody else wants to watch, too. Many local communities hold sports games in their own barangays during the weekends. It’s also a great opportunity for you to be more involved in community activities.

    Learn a new skill

    If one of your goals for the year is to learn to do something new, go for it! Whether that’s learning to play a musical instrument, gardening, or studying a new language, it’s never too early or too late to invest your time into developing that new hobby. It might be even more fun to include your little one in learning that new skill!


    Go to the beach

    Who doesn’t enjoy going to the beach? Even when it’s not summer, family trips to the beach are always fun. Take a dip in the ocean (or in the pool, if you decide to go to a beach resort), make sand castles with your kids, or just soak up some sun while chatting or playing among yourselves.

    Visit a theme park

    There’s a reason why theme parks are such a popular destination for families and friends. Theme parks offer numerous rides that kids and adults alike will enjoy, as well as non-ride activities like games, food kiosks, stage shows, and incredible sights.

    Sources: Mother.ly, One Cent At A Time, Parents.com

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