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Stickers Lang Ang Sikreto: Here's How A Mom Successfully Potty Trained Her Toddler Without Tears
  • For new parents, one of the intimidating tasks is potty training. It’s not a task with a support group like breastfeeding or baby-led weaning, but it’s not that easy either!

    It just seemed like a task that would require a lot of patience - and when we say a lot - that’s an understatement.

    One Mommy from our Smart Parenting Village shared her new-found magic trick - the hack that made the complicated potty training simple and easy!

    “We sort of started when she was exactly 2 years old but very inconsistently because she didn’t like the toilet seat (yung direct na nilalagay sa ibabaw ng toilet). She was uncomfortable with it, tapos hindi rin ako consistent sa pag dala sa kanya sa toilet. Kaya ayun, walang development so we stopped,” Mommy Abby Singzon shared. 

    Her daughter preferred this potty than the one that can be used on the toilet.

    Here's what she shared in the group:


    Mommy Abby's post that shows the tally of her daughter's success.


    Mommy Abby goes on to explain: "Pag regular water, 30 mins after uminom sure na may wiwi. Pag juice or iced tea (or milk tea ko), 20 min pa lang kelangan na mag wiwi kasi ang dami niya naiinom.

    "Nung Day 1, maya't maya ko talaga siya pinapainom to establish the routine at para malaman ko din yung pattern niya, says Abby.

    They decided to push for potty training as she already saw signs of potty-readiness with Lily, now two years and five months old, “Then just last week, we finally decided to go through with it. To really commit to the process, wala nang balikan.”

    They opted for the stand-alone potty as they observed their daughter uncomfortable with the other potty.

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    Mumurahin na hack kaya naging successful and potty training

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    And the secret hack that made their potty training successful this time: stickers.

    “During the 3-day method, paulit-ulit ko sinasabi sa kanya na I will give her a sticker if she pees in the potty. And I will give her a sticker immediately after peeing.

    "Bago pa maglinis nung potty, bago pa ang kahit ano. Sticker muna para dun niya ma-associate yung reward. I let her choose what sticker she likes tapos siya yung magdidikit sa chart niya. Bumili ako ng cat stickers kasi favorite niya yun super. Tapos big sticker pag poopie.”

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    Mommy Abby incorporated a reward system to their potty training mixed with something she knows her daughter loves, cat stickers. She added a little dash of fun and excitement to what seemed like a daunting activity and made the pressure go away.

    All these things are what makes a toddler learn fast (in a fun way): rewards, something they love and involvement in an activity. Way to go, Mommy!

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    On their first day, they continuously reminded Lily that she needs to use the potty. They made her drink a little bit more water so she can really feel that she needs to go, in order to establish the routine.

    They also needed to assist her in going to the potty every thirty minutes after drinking. But just after the first day, Lily learned to voluntarily go to the potty.

    Visual representation of a job well done.

    In their first three days, they only had one accident (when they went out of the house). One week of their potty training, and still going good:

    And like all parents’ goal after potty training, Mommy Abby happily shared, “Makakatipid na kami sa diaper!”

    But before venturing in this little adventure of potty training, make sure your LO has signs of potty-readiness, or else it will become more challenging. 

    How to know if your LO is ready for potty training:

    • Fewer diaper change. If your LO can keep a diaper dry for around one to two hours, it means they are slowly learning bladder control.

    • Regular routine for bowel movement. Sometimes it’s surprising how little ones poop at almost the same time each day, which means they already established a routine. 

    • The child can communicate about going to the potty / bathroom. All of a sudden, your child announces that he is doing his wiwi, even if he has diapers. It’s a sign!

    • Your child is already aware about “yucky” diapers. They suddenly realize that “poopoo” in the diaper is dirty, and they wound want to immediately change their diapers, now! And that’s also a sign. 

    Whether cat stickers or other type of reward, never forget to put fun in your potty training!

    Must we say this, but happy weewee and poopoo!

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